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Last Updated: 11/25/2006

Rafael Sabatini

THE SEA HAWK 1915 ISBN: 0895263785 A masterpiece of historical action—and a ferociously gripping adventure tale. Oliver Tressilian, a Cornish gentleman who helped defeat the Spanish Armada, is betrayed by his half-brother, throwing him into circumstances where he becomes a Barbary pirate and a follower of Islam.

Deborah Satinwood

ARABESQUE 2/1994 ISBN: 0821744763 Young Gwenllian Evans first set eyes on Morgan Riff the night he mysteriously appeared to lay claim to the great Welsh estate of Hiraeth: A fierce youth in blood-spattered clothes who called himself Rhaman and swore terrible vengeance against his mother's assassins. Now, in far-off Tangiers, at the mercy of a horde of murderous savages, Gwen barely recognized the raven-haired stranger who swooped down on the teeming bazaar like a magnificent desert sheik to save her life. But when he swept her into his powerful arms, she prayed he'd never let her go…Darkest intrigue had brought him to the exotic shores of Morocco. But Morgan had never forgotten the lovely Welsh lass whose sapphire eyes glowed with such compassion and warmth. Now a woman, Gwen burned with a different kind of heat…a sensual fire that branded his heart with her innocent desire. Sworn to protect her from danger, he took her to wife. Yet even when fate parted them once more, her haunting passion would pursue him into battle, calling him back to Wales, back to Hiraeth…back into the arms of the elusive beauty who was his destiny.

Robin Schone

THE LADY'S TUTOR 8/1999 ISBN: 1575667967.  Married young to a man hand-picked by her father, Elizabeth Petre is an ideal Victorian lady. She has borne two sons and endured sixteen years of selfless duty in a passionless marriage. Craving a man's loving touch yet loyal to her wedding vows, Elizabeth is determined to seduce her coldly indifferent husband. She knows of only one man who can teach her the erotic secrets of love. The bastard son of an English countess and an Arab Sheik, Ramiel Devington was reared to embrace both Western culture and Eastern pleasure. Scorned by society and challenged by prim Elizabeth's request, he undertakes her instruction in the art of sensual delight. But when the lessons become a temptation neither can resist, Elizabeth is forced to choose between obligation and a bold, forbidden passion...

Janette Seymour

PURITY'S ECSTASY 2/1978 ISBN 0340233192 A novel of stolen embraces beneath blazing skies of war, of desire that sweeps across turbulent seas from England to Algiers, of a beautiful woman enslaved by lawless pirate corsairs - a woman bound by no law but endless love!

Bertrice Small

ADORA 5/1980 ISBN:0345284933 Adora's mahogany hair and violet eyes captivated young Prince Murad the moment he saw her in a convent garden, and their love flowered like the peach blossoms surrounding them. But Orkahm, Grand Turk of an empire, claimed Adora for his bride, tearing her from her young love as she wept bitter tears. Destiny might carry them to other lands and other loves, but Murad and Adora were meant only for each other--forging a magnificent love that lies forever in the pages of history....

BEDAZZLED 7/1999 ISBN: 1575664321. Lovely and headstrong, Lady India Lindley is accustomed to having her own way in everything. Determined to elope with a peer whose name has been blackened by his murderous brother, she boards a ship bound for Italy with her intended. But when the vessel is taken captive by Ottoman pirates, the independent beauty becomes a slave to Caynan Reis, ruler of the Barbary state of El Sinut-and a mysterious man with a secret past. India doesn't expect to fall in love with this infuriating man whose will is as strong as hers-but she does. Nor does she expect that a revolt by Istanbul's powerful Janissaries will tear her from his arms. Sent back to Scotland heartbroken, India is married off to a stranger. And yet fate has a different plan for the proud beauty.one that will become a lesson in the startling power to wed two hearts for life.

THE KADIN 2/1978 ISBN:0380016990 Abducted from a life of privilege, she was sold into slavery in a distant land. For Lady Janet Leslie there would be no escaping the harem of the wealthy and powerful Sultan Selim. But from the moment the handsome ruler spied his breathtaking "Cyra," was captivated -- by the fiery desire that coursed through his veins. She belonged to him, body and soul -yet it was he who was enslaved. Praised for her keen sense of history and remarkable storytelling powers, the bestselling author of The Spitfire displays the passionate magic that has made her a national favorite -sweeping the reader into the romantic past, from the magnificence of Renaissance Europe to the perfumed splendor of a Sultan's court.

LOST LOVE FOUND 11/1991 ISBN: 0345374193.  Despite her breathtaking appearance at Queen Elizabeth's court, Valentina's innocence was shattered when she discovered that her true father may have been the lusty Sultan Murad of Istanbul. Needing to learn more, she set sail for the East in a dangerous erotic journey toward the truth.

A LOVE FOR ALL TIME 1987 ISBN: 0451204743. He is Skye O'Malley's handsome young brother. . . she is a beautiful stranger. Conn O'Malley is an Irish rogue no woman can resist. Known as the handsomest man at court, he has been seducing and abandoning wenches and royal ladies alike, until he meets th loveliest enchantress his roving eye has ever beheld--heiress Aidan St. Michael. By command of Britain's powerful Queen Elizabeth, Conn and Aidan marry, surrendering to the sweet tyranny of a dawning love that will bond them body and soul in a true union of the heart. Yet a cruel scheme makes Conn a prisoner of the queen. . . and his cherished Aidan a harem slave to a rapacious sultan in a distant land. But clever Aidan is determined to use her superb skill in ecstasy's dark arts to free herself--and to be reunited forever with the only man she can ever love. . ." A Love for all Time A breathtaking, hot-blooded saga of tantalizing passion and ravishing desire.

THE LOVE SLAVE 3/1995 ISBN:0449002136 A fiery Celtic beauty, Regan is abducted to exotic lands and delivered to Karim al Malina, master of the erotic arts, who will mold her into a Love Slave fit for a Moorish king. Under Karim's tutelage, Regan--now called Zaynab, "the beautiful one"--is swept into uncharted reaches of ecstasy. But the pair break the first rule of teacher and pupil when they fall in love. Now, as Zaynab fulfills her destiny as the adored prize of the Caliph of Cordoba, she vows that somehow, she will be reunited with Karim, her only love...

LOVE WILD AND FAIR 12/1978 ISBN: 0380400308 She is Catriona, Countess
of Glenkirk, the dazzling green-eyed beauty whose silken sensuality fires the passion of men's very souls -- making her a pawn in a dangerous game of royal intrigue. wife to a count, unwilling mistress to the king, she has the undying live of the most courageous lord in all of scotland. . .He is Francis, Earl of Bothwell, who defies his king to possess the woman he loves. Theirs is a romance in the grand tradition of bestselling author Beatrice Small -- and epic tale of love and betrayal that sweeps from the snowy Scottish highlands through the glittering palaces of Europe and exotic pleasures domes of Constantinople to find its magnificent conclusion inthe exquisite fulfillment of love's most passionate desires.

SKYE O'MALLEY 10/1980 ISBN: 0345323645. There has never been a woman like luscious, raven-haired, hot-tempered Skye O'Malley. She is the courageous seafaring captain of her own mighty fleet, and intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow along as Skye O'Malley is swept up in a journey filled with romance and passion that takes her from glittering Ireland, to lush Algeria, to the heart of London in pursuit of a unique and eternal love.

THIS HEART OF MINE 1985 ISBN: 034535673X. Velvet de Marisco proves herself every inch Skye O'Malley's daughter. Be it Alexander Gordon from the Scottish Highlands or the Grand Mughal of India, each man must win her heart before they can claim the sensual joys of her passionate and erotic desires.

WILD JASMINE 8/1992 ISBN: 0345401344. From the palaces of pashas in seventeenth-century India to the scandalous court of James Stuart of England, one woman struggles against fate to find true love.... Princess Yasaman had been blessed with rapturous beauty, fierce intelligence, and an innocent sensuality that captivates two formidable men--her scheming half brother, Salim, and her loving husband, Prince Jamal. But her days of bliss and nights of steamy passion are shattered when Jamal is murdered and Yasaman flees to England and the court of James I. Calling herself Jasmine, she is reunited with her beautiful mother, Velvet, and her grandmother, the legendary Skye O'Malley de Marisco. Before long, Jasmine is caught up in the tangled intrigues of the court of the Stuart king, James I, where she is admired by the most powerful men in England: Rowan Lindley, Marquess of Westleigh, her good-natured second husband; the Earl of Glenkirk, who tempts her with forbidden passion; and hot-blooded Henry Stuart, prince of England. It is here that she truly becomes Wild Jasmine, a woman who lives and loves with fierce abandon and who surrenders to the deepest pleasures of love.

Bobbi Smith

CAPTURE MY HEART 8/1992 ISBN: 0821738437 Captured in boyhood by Barbary pirates, raised among them, and renamed Serad, Lord Alexander Wakefield thought of women as mere booty - ornaments for his harem to be owned and enjoyed. Until he captured British heiress Victoria Lynn Lawrence, on her way home to England. Once he swept her from the deck of her ship, carried her to his cabin, and tasted the magic of her luscious lips and silken skin, Alex knew he would forfeit any ransom to keep the seductive temptress for his own. And though Tori was determined to be no man's plaything, she soon felt her defenses crumble under Alex's fiery touch. Though she must escape the harem where he would keep her as love's slave, Tori could never escape the firestorm of desire that captured her heart in the arms of her bold and demanding pirate lover.

Joan Smith

SILVER WATER, GOLDEN SAND - Arabia 4/1989 ISBN:0843927593 The incomparable Lady Melora: Titled, wealthy, beautiful, Lady Melora had every qualification necessary to nab herself a good parti. For what prospective bridegroom could fail to appreciate her golden cruls and pouting lips, to say nothing of her sizeable dowry? But Melora longed for more than a brilliant match-- she yearned for adventure, excitment, romance. And she could find none of these in the stern countenance and arrogant manner of the eminently suitable Lord Leitrim. Little did she guess that she would soon be caught up in a whirlwind of passion and danger from which only the level-headed lord could save her...

Pamela South

DAUGHTER OF THE SAND 5/1979 ISBN: 0872165418 Consumed by passion, driven by desire, Heather was driven from elegant England to the shifting sands of Arabia; from old Vienna to the speakeasies of Prohibition America. Her wicked ways would ignite her world into flames and scandalize the lives of all who loved her.

Sheri Cobb South

THE COBRA AND THE LILY - Egypt 5/1999 ISBN: 192860207X Egyptian nobleman Ra-Met is convinced nothing will cure his headaches--until he meets Lila, a Hebrew shepherdess, in the wilderness. Her singing does what Pharaoh's most skilled physicians have failed to do. When he discovers Lila is as beautiful as she is talented, he wants more than just her voice. Although anointed with perfumed oils and clothed in fine linen, Lila is determined to remain faithful to her God. She fears and despises her arrogant master, yet is drawn to him against her will. Confused by her conflicting emotions, Lila prays for God to set her free. When a series of plagues strike Egypt, it appears Lila's prayers are about to be answered. But Lila is no longer certain that she wishes to be free, especially now that Ra-Met's life is in danger. For God has promised to send His death angel throughout the land, killing the firstborn of every family.

John Speed

THE TEMPLE DANCER 9/2006 India, 1657. When Maya, a graceful, young temple dancer with a mysterious past, is sold into slavery, she enters a world of intrigue, violence, and forbidden love. Bought by a Portuguese trader and sold as a concubine to the dissolute vizier of Bijapur, she embarks on a treacherous journey. In a caravan led by the dangerous settlement man Da Gama, she travels by elephant on the hostile road to Bijapur, joined by Geraldo, a Portuguese adventurer, and Pathan, a handsome prince who carries a dark secret. Together with Lucinda, a beautiful, spoiled young Goan heiress, and the manipulative eunuch Slipper, they climb the windswept mountain road through the Western Ghats. When their caravan is attacked by bandits, the travelers’ lives are turned upside down. In the aftermath, Maya and Lucinda suddenly find themselves stranded in a strange, exotic world, a world filled with passion, romance, and deception, pure love and lurking evil, where nothing is as it seems and the two women are faced with great temptation as well as heart-wrenching decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Indu Sundaresan

THE FEAST OF ROSES 5/2003 ISBN:0743456408 Mehrunnisa comes into Jahangir's harem as his twentieth and last wife. This time Jahangir has married for love, and members of his court are worried that Mehrunnisa could exert control over their futures. Their concerns are well founded. Mehrunnisa soon becomes the most powerful woman in the Mughal Empire in spite of a formidable rival in the imperial harem who has schemed and plotted against her from the start. She rules from behind the veil, securing her status by forming a junta of sorts with her father, brother, and stepson -- and risking it all, even her daughter, to get what she wants. But she never loses the love of the man who bestows this power upon her....

THE TWENTIETH WIFE 2002 ISBN:0743427149 She came into the world in the year 1577, to the howling accompaniment of a ferocious winter storm. As the daughter of starving refugees fleeing violent persecution in Persia, her fateful birth in a roadside tent sparked a miraculous reversal of family fortune, culminating in her father's introduction to the court of Emperor Akbar. She is called Mehrunnisa, the Sun of Women. This is her story. Growing up on the fringes of Emperor Akbar's opulent palace grounds, Mehrunnisa blossoms into a sapphire-eyed child blessed with a precocious intelligence, luminous beauty, and a powerful ambition far surpassing the bounds of her family's station. Mehrunnisa first encounters young Prince Salim on his wedding day. In that instant, even as a royal gala swirls around her in celebration of the future emperor's first marriage, Mehrunnisa foresees the path of her own destiny. One day, she decides with uncompromising surety, she too will become Salim's wife. She is all of eight years old -- and wholly unaware of the great price she and her family will pay for this dream.

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