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Author: J.T. Ellison ISBN: 9780778325567 9/2008 SUSPENSE Publisher: MIRA

14 by J.T. Ellison

Ten victims, each with pale skin and long dark hair. All have been slashed across the throat, the same red lipstick smeared across their lips.

In the mid-1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then suddenly the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police stated that his work was done.

Now four more bodies are found, marked with his fatal signature. The residents of Nashville fear a madman has returned, decades later, to finish his sick fairy tale. Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the work of a copycat killer who's even more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics famous serial murders... proving that the past is not to be forgotten.


J.T. Ellison rocks!

Ms. Ellison's second Taylor Jackson mystery, 14, is right on par with her spectacular debut, ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS. With bold characters, a breathtaking pace and a gob of clever twists, 14 is unbelievably brilliant. This killer thriller is one of those "I can't put it down" novels. Yeah, 14 is that good!

Taylor Jackson is a fantastic creation... a kick-ass kind of female who never loses her femininity. Taylor's talents are stretched to the limit in 14 as she hunts for a killer while planning her wedding to the divine Dr. Baldwin. Oh, and her bad daddy is acting up again... maybe.

And maybe there is a copycat serial killer. Or could the Snow White killer of 20 years ago be on the prowl again?

Taylor is once again the star, but Baldwin is her perfect match. These two balance each other beautifully, in good times and bad. 14 delves further into this pair's lives and their compelling love story. Ms. Ellison has a soul mate thing going on with Taylor and Baldwin. The romance does not overwhelm the suspense, but adds a lighter tone to 14. This story also boasts a number of intriguing secondary characters, lead by a trio of psychopaths. This little band of sickos is so skillfully written, it's enough to make a person's skin crawl.

14 is terrific. The characters, the plotting and the relentless action are meticulously drawn. The terrifying surprises just keep on coming. And Ms. Ellison is on her way to becoming a major new talent.

Debbie Jett

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