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Author: Deb Marlowe ISBN: 9780373295241 12/2008 HISTORICAL Publisher: HARLEQUIN
Time Period: Regency, 1821

An Improper Aristocrat by Deb Marlowe

Rapscallion! Rake! Wanderer! Adventurer!

All accusations that the Earl of Treyford acknowledges with pride. The scandalous son of a disgraced mother, he has no time for the pretty niceties of the ton, nor the simpering debutantes who populate its ballrooms.

He has returned to England to aid an "aging" spinster facing an undefined danger. But Miss Latimer's dark and sultry beauty, her fascinating mix of knowledge and innocence, arouse far more than his protective instincts.

Can such an improper aristocrat learn to be the true gentleman Miss Latimer deserves?


Action, adventure, romance, mystery and danger all serve to make AN IMPROPER ARISTOCRAT by Deb Marlowe a wonderfully thrilling read.

Treyford was a decidedly intriguing blend of rake, adventure seeker and scholar that at first I thought wouldn't work—the first few pages certainly make him seem like a typical rake, but Marlowe develops him into a worthy hero of the story. He doesn't make excuses for his behavior or his past; he is what he is and feels justified in his beliefs on love.

Chione Latimer, aside from having one of the coolest and original names I've seen in historical romances, is also equal parts passionate, determined and intelligent. Her 'family' is also quite the characters themselves. Eli, the stable master with a peg leg, and Mrs. Ferguson, the housekeeper/cook, are both fierce characters, whereas her young charges, Will and Olivia, aren't annoying add pieces to the story.

Some of the story is a bit far-fetched, but overall the book is a fun, quick read with a lively story and set of players. I will say that the actual meaning of Chione's name and how it ties into Treyford's first name had to be one of smartest 'meet your destiny' quirks I've read in a while.

Alexandra Cenni

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