A Novel with Thoughts and Ponderings


Author: Teryl Cartwright ISBN: 9780979332777 12/2007 HISTORICAL Publisher: VINTAGE ROMANCE PUBLISHING
Time Period: Regency

A Sensible Match by Teryl Cartwright

Abby's parents want her to marry a man she's never met. But how can Abby marry someone who's secretly insulted her? The only solution is to make sure he doesn't propose. After all, Abby knows that the only sensible match is a love match.


A SENSIBLE MATCH by Teryl Cartwright is one of those delightful books that brings a smile to the reader's face from the very first page. Then, it kept me entertained so thoroughly that I was saddened to realize the adventure was nearing an end. Although the story feels a bit "rambling" in spots, the story is overall wonderfully written, engaging and through-and-through humorous. Not merely an account of one couple's awkward courtship, it is a commentary on relationships. Those between men and women, families and their opinions on marriage and the opposite sex.

A SENSIBLE MATCH is a sensible choice for fall reading. It is entertaining and lively, romantic and funny. I loved watching the relationship between Abby and Edwin evolve. Without giving too much away, I'll just say it was great fun to watch them change so drastically. They are not the same characters at the end of this novel that they were in the opening pages, and it was entertaining to watch the transformation.

Kay James

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