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Last Updated: 12/29/2006

Rafael Sabatini

CAPTAIN BLOOD ISBN: 0935526455 Peter Blood, a physician and an English gentleman, turned pirate out of a rankling sense of injustice. Barely escaping the gallows after his arrest for treating wounded rebels who were fighting the oppressive King James, Blood is enslaved on a Barbados plantation of buccaneers. No ship sailing the Spanish Main is safe from Blood and his companions.

CAPTAIN BLOOD: HIS ODYSSEY 1922 ISBN: 084881147X By a twist of fate,, Peter Blood, the gentleman pirate, becomes prisoner of the English held captive on an island stronghold

CAPTAIN BLOOD RETURNS 1931 ISBN: 0891907424 Chronicles the adventures of Captain Blood after his escape from slavery.

THE FORTUNES OF CAPTAIN BLOOD 1936 ISBN: 0891907432 More swashbuckling adventures on the high seas of the famous Captain Blood.

THE SEA HAWK 1915 ISBN: 0345248198 An English gentleman from the Cornish coast becomes the swashbuckling Barbary corsair, Captain Geoffrey Thorpe, master of pirate ship The Sea Hawk. .

Susan Sackett

SEASWEPT 1/1992 ISBN: 0821736299 Sailing against her will to a faraway Pacific Island and forced into an arranged marriage to a missionary, lovely Alyssa Whitlock had only her dreams for comfort. Dreams of a handsome who would rescue her and sweep her into his embrace. She certainly had no intention of surrendering to the passion-filled gaze of the ship's captain, handsome Jason Draper--until a sudden storm marooned the two of them on a lush, uncharted island. Alyssa was utterly unprepared for the wave of passion that swept over her as she looked into Jason's deep blue eyes and felt the heat of his strong muscular body as he carried her ashore. And when he caressed her and whispered her name, Alyssa knew she could not help but yield the most secret treasures of her body in sweet, shocking abandon. Captain Jason Draper had mastered the turbulent South Pacific seas, and he certainly wasn't going to let a stubborn missionary miss disrupt his ship's routine or get the better of him! He'd get her to port as quickly as possible--and resist the forbidden temptations of her delicately-curved body and glorious golden hair. But when he saw the sweet fire in her innocent green eyes, felt her soft warm arms drawing him nearer, and tasted the honey of her lips, he was swept into the swirling, rapturous currents of a passion he could no longer deny...or control.

Margaret St. George

THE PIRATE AND HIS LADY 11/1992 ISBN: 0373164629 He crossed time for her. Was she dreaming? Hours before the costumed 'Pirate's Ball,' Elizabeth Rawley witnessed a strange spectacle in the waters off Key West. Engaged in mortal combat was the Black Cutter - Captain Richard Colter's ship. Elizabeth was obsessed with the eighteenth-century ship's treasure -and with its captain. A swashbuckling privateer who commanded the high seas and made women swoon for the favor of his wild passions. Elizabeth knew they would have loved each other with a passion to rock the heavens. If only they hadn't lived two hundred years apart. Then, on a moonlit beach, she found the body washed ashore - in a homespun shirt, breeches and hemp tying back his long hair. But this was no costume...and this was no dream. It was Richard Colter. And he was alive.

Lynsay Sands

LADY PIRATE 1/2001 ISBN: 0843948167 Circumstances have changed; they're worse. Valoree has been named heir to Ainsley Castle. And the will distinctly states that in order to inherit, she must be married to a nobleman and pregnant. Upon learning that, the virgin captain is ready to return to the seas, but her crew puts the issue to a vote--and for those rascally cusses she will do anything. Reluctantly, she agrees. If they can find a way--Henry and One-Eye and Skully--to put on her a sweet face that will fool the ton, she will handle the rest. Even with a drunken prostitute as an "aunt" and her merry cutthroat crew as "servants." But to herself she swears one thing: She can only marry a man who fires her blood, a man who is not afraid of a lady pirate.

Christina Savage

HEARTS OF FIRE 11/1984 ISBN: 0553241117 She was a Tyron and a Lady, a proud, raven-tressed beauty from a great Philadelphia family divided by war...A family now driven to open conflict by notorious rebel Lucas Jordan, who challenged Cassie Tyron to love as never before. Dynamic, passionate opponents, soon they were swept away on a feverish tide...until family tragedy trapped Cassie between her Rebel lover and her loyalty to her Tory brother.

Jeanne Savery

SMUGGLER'S HEART 4/2002 ISBN: 0821770667 If the stakes hadn't been so high, Therese Marie would not have risked so much. With her family's fortunes reduced by The Terror, with many on their estate depending on her, Therese was determined to continue her perilous smuggling runs between France and England. Even if it meant finding a way to finally outwit Miles Seward, the formidable English officer endangering her freedom--and her heart. Miles couldn't believe that the brash, damnably clever smuggler who had eluded him for so long was a lady --and a surprisingly altruistic, irresistibly attractive one, at that. And when he found himself up against a sinister conspiracy to swindle his fortune, he never expected that Therese's daring maneuvers to save him would not only spark a dangerous tendre, but would inspire him to try and capture her love forever.

Cheryl Sawyer

SIREN 2/2005 ISBN: 0451213777 Jean Laffite was a pirate of brutal reputation. A black- eyed sea gypsy, he was legendary for his plundering of ships and seduction of women. A pirate's daughter, Léonore Roncival inspired her own brand of whispered innuendo. Her island was rumored to be awash in treasure. Her beauty was thought to lure men to the peaks of ecstasy-and to their doom. Even Jean Laffite could not ignore her call ...

Michael William Scott

ORIENT AFFAIR 1982 ISBN:0446902381 At Stake! The Golden Glory of the Rakehell Dynasty....The Rakehill's fast-moving clippers had captured the silk and spice trade of the East, spurring the dynasty to wealth and power. Now their ancient enemies in the drug-laden city of Maco plunge the Rakehells and the Boyntons into a sea of danger. From the chandeliered ballrooms of Europe to the pleasure palaces of Asia, they fight the family with every weapon in their command. In the center of the battle if the flame-haired Erika Von Klausner, tempting Jonathon with her siren wiles, seeking to steer him from the one love that can mend his heart.......

Regina Scott

STARSTRUCK 6/2003 ISBN 0821774859 Cassie Bentbrooke has no interest in the ton. The daughter of a noted astronomer, she is content with studying the heavens through her father's telescopes-especially since his academic success has not provided much by way of wealth. But Cassie's ward Liza Kearney longs for the magic of one Season.and Cassie is determined to give it to her. Easier said than done. For Cassie's brother has returned from the Continent to claim his inheritance, and handle the meager purse strings. And privateer Devon Sebastien has arrived in London with his own agenda-recovering the jewels his uncle hid in the Bentbrooke home during the Terror. Fulfilling Liza's dreams may be possible, but Cassie soon realizes that guarding her own heart from a certain devilishly handsome Frenchman may not be-and that love will blaze a trail through her life brighter than any comet in the dark night sky.

Maura Seger

FLAME ON THE SUN 9/1983 ISBN: 0671645463 I've come ten thousand miles to save my family's ships. No man will stop me now!... So Erin Conroy declared as the Yankee shipping heiress arrived in Japan to discover that Storm Davin, the proud Southern Aristocrat she had refused to marry eight rears before on the eve of the Civil War, now controlled the fate of her bankrupt legacy. The beautiful but spoiled young girl Storm remembered had grown into a woman of rare courage with a spirit valiant enough to face the challenges of an ancient empire swept by the winds of change. But was she bold enough to confront the bittersweet promise of love once lost yet never forgotten?

FORTUNE'S TIDE 5/1990 ISBN: 0380753391 Revolutionary passion in a world that might have been...England 1778 - America has lost her noble fight for freedom. Her defeated leaders have been imprisoned, awaiting their dark destinies at the hands of the British tyrants....A spirited Irish beauty, fleeing the slums of Dublin, enters London high society posing as a Boston socialite. A daring privateer embarks on a deadly mission to rescue America's captive rebels. Two fiery souls tossed together on the raging tides of revolution, they would risk the fates of nations to unearth a defiant, breathless passion... and surrender to an irresistible love that would change the course of history!

Janette Seymour

PURITY'S ECSTASY 2/1978 Once the ruggedly handsome Mark Landless rescued her from the horrors of the French Revolution, found her a place in England's highest aristocracy, and claimed her trembling heart as his own. Now he was held captive by Mediterranean pirates - and only Purity could set him free! But the villainous masked pirate, El Diablo, had other plans as did the sultry Azziza, the Corsair queen of the Mediterranean. Though their treachery and debauchery threatened unending peril for Purity, she would gladly risk their worst - to be reunited with the one man whose touch set her world asunder and her soul aflame! Enthralling! Enticing! Exploring the heights and depths of love!

Colleen Shannon

THE HAWK'S LADY 2/1989 ISBN: 1557731586 Beautiful and boldly defiant, Lady Victoria sailed away from England to escape an obligation of marriage. Then, the unthinkable happened. Her ship was captured by Barbary pirates-swashbuckling savages who abducted young women to sell into slavery. Now, Tory's shattered destiny lay in the hands of dangerous men... Capt Sinan Reis, a dashing young pirate known as the Hawk, who would shun a vast profit...to claim the English beauty for himself. The evil Ahmet, a Turkish rogue who lusted for vengeance...by defying the Hawk and stealing his precious lady. The aging chief of Algiers, who held the power to possess, or destroy, them all. Tory's heart was imprisoned by fate. And yet, her secret passion for her pirate captor-the handsome and strong-willed Hawk-bound her soul with a chain of desire. Together, on an odyssey of exotic peril and forbidden pleasure, they would challenge an empire...and risk their lives for love!

MIDNIGHT RIDER 10/1989 ISBN: 1557732655 Was it the expert swordswoman whose flashing golden eyes set him aflame? Or the picture of innocence whose passionate kisses melted his heart? Or was it the spirited Indian maid taking passage aboard his ship. Beautiful Magdalena Flanagan de Sarria was all of them--and more... She was a noblewoman concealing her identity to win back her honor. And while battle swept California, dashing sea captain Clint Browning would touch the tender woman beneath Magdalena's clever masks. For he knew hat her boundless desire was meant for him alone...

MOONSTRUCK 10/1998 short story in THE CAT'S MEOW ISBN: 0505522799

Rona Sharon

MY WICKED PIRATE 11/2006 ISBN: 0821780573 Azure-eyed Alanis was by far the most exquisite treasure ever claimed by the black pirate known as the Viper, but his motives went deeper than his silken promise to ravish the feisty Yorkshire heiress. Commanding the waters of the Caribbean was his means to an end: reclaiming his birthright—and his blood debt against those who had betrayed him. Comfortably betrothed to a nobleman, Alanis never imagined the heady emotions involved in the true games of seduction—games this blackguard seemed to thoroughly enjoy playing with her. Swept up into an adventure that soon revealed a gentleman and kindred spirit beneath the ruthless veneer of a privateer, Alanis began to soften towards her enigmatic captor, as her pride and her heart fell under his erotic spell… .RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Valerie Sherwood

BOLD BREATHLESS LOVE 8/1981 ISBN: 0446308498 He called her his Golden Bird of Love....and he wanted her from the day he'd first seen her on the balcony next to his in Amsterdam. Clad only in her nightdress, her golden hair catching the rays of sun in the dawn, her voice softly raised in song. And so, Valhulst Van Rappard married Imogene and carried her off the America as his prize. He did not know that the song that she sang was for another man, a copper-haired Englishman who had made her his on the sea-washed sands of a distant Isle and who promised to come to her again on the wings of BOLD BREATHLESS LOVE.

LOVELY LYING LIPS 12/1983 ISBN 0446302910 The lightskirt's daughter...Pamela, Golden, aristocratic, reckless. She threw away her reputation to save a man's life and almost changed the course of history! The rebellious beauty...Constance, born to dramatic events, her dark loveliness turned men's heads and made them dream wild dreams-but must she forever live a lie? The masked lady...her wildness was legendary, but she could not claim her heritage because she bore a terrible secret. Where the meandering river Axe winds a silver ribbon through storied Somerset, these beauties live their turbulent lives and pursue their passionate loves in Valerie Sherwood's Lovely Lying Lips.

LOVESONG 9/1985 ISBN: 0671662023 A sweet wild madness swept over Carolina Lightfoot at the sight of elegant Thomas Angevine, reputed to be the most notorious rake in London. The proud Carolina beauty, graced with silvergold hair and flashing eyes, hoped to be his bride. Then, swept into a growing storm of scandal, she was banished to Virginia. Captured by buccaneers on the high seas, Carolina became the Silver Wench of the Caribbean...and the defiant prisoner of the infamous Kells, a brooding man with insolent charm and a mysterious past. On the island of Tortuga, where gentle winds caressed the perfumed nights and a lustrous moon whispered love's allure, Carolina must escape...to find Thomas again, and to flee Kells' passionate embrace, the rapturous temptation of his...Lovesong.

NIGHTSONG 9/1986 ISBN: 0671498398 Far from the sensuous shores of love's embrace...the gallant buccaneer Kells sailed away again to win his fortunes. Yet no intrigue of the seas could ever fade the image of his Carolina belle, the glorious Carolina. Then nature's rage destroyed the small Jamaican port that was to be their rendezvous...and Kells, a dazed survivor, no longer knew his own bewitching bride. Sold into his household as a maid, Carolina must once more entice him into love. For Kells believes himself to be a Spaniard, surrounded by the Spanish King's grandees...a desperate plight, for he is their most hated foe! Now he must dare to trust this silverblonde beauty who stirs his blood anew or lose forever the haunting, faint refrain of their...Nightsong.

RASH RECKLESS LOVE 1982 ISBN: 0446327565 Georgianna was the daughter of Imogene, the only woman whose beauty could rival her own, the woman who dared to love the fearless pirate renowned as "the best blade in the Caribbean." She was Fate's plaything, scorned when people thought her only a bondswoman's niece, courted as if she were a princess when Fortune made her a potential heiress. Then hounded into headlong flight when she lost her inheritance. And so we begin her story.

THIS LOVING TORMENT 8/1977 ISBN: 083982873X Perhaps the brawling colonies would have been safer for a plainer girl, one more demure and less accomplished in language and manner. But Charity Woodstock was gloriously beautiful with pale golden hair and topaz eyes and she was headed for trouble. She was accused of witchcraft by the man who had attacked her. She was whisked from the stake by a highwayman in whose arms she found joy but no sanctuary. Fate flung her from the manor of a Dutch patroon to the simple hut of a Quaker, from a pirate ship to plantation. Beauty might have been her downfall, but Charity Woodstock had a reckless passion to live and a fine determination to give herself only for love. She would challenge this new world and win.

TO LOVE A ROGUE 10/1987 ISBN: 0816146241 Lovely Lorraine London had a sensuous charm that seemed to ignite the passions of every scoundrel in New England. Born in revolutionary America, she was sold into indentured servitude until she caught the roving eye of Raile Cameron, a renegade gunrunner, who lovingly rescued her. As they sailed against the stormy Caribbean seas, Lorraine fought against Raile's wild embraces and thousand teasing kisses until she could no longer deny the power of their desire for each other-and together they surrendered to a fiery passion that blazed on and on and on....

WILD WILLFUL LOVE 10/1982 ISBN: 0446303682 She Was Once The Buccaneer's Lady-but when beautiful, willful Imogene was tricked aboard a ship bound for England, she vowed to forget Captain van Ryker, the man who filled her life and her heart-only to banish her so cruelly. Then, a shipwreck off of the coast of Cornwall returned Imogene to her girlhood home. It was a homecoming without joy, for she found herself on trial for murder! Now, as she faced certain death, she heard again the sweet promise of her Caribbean Lord..Somehow, he would come to her again, and together they would soar to the heights of passion that they first knew on the golden sands of a distant Isle...borne once more on the wings of a Wild Willful Love.

WINDSONG 3/1986 ISBN: 067149838X Adrift upon the surging tides of love...the incandescent beauty Carolina and her dashing buccaneer, Kells, sail from his Caribbean stronghold to her native Virginia...there to await his royal pardon and their glorious wedding. But when an imposter masquerades as Kells, savaging British ships,, he is once again outlawed. Fleeing to England, the lovers are swept into a torrent of danger, treachery and desire. Their vows are doubly threatened...by the rich ransom for Kells' capture, and by a sultry Spanish duchess who claims him as her own. Carolina, wed in her heart and wed forever, embarks on a desperate voyage that may cost her Kells' love and his life...and cast into the raging seas the shimmering promise of their Windsong.

June Lund Shiplett

WINDS OF BETRAYAL 10/1987 ISBN: 0451150376 Seeking to revenge the death of his father, pirate Sancho de Cordoba kidnaps Lizette, the granddaughter of Loedicia Aldrich Locke Chapman, whose husband, Bain, he blames for his father's demise.

Deborah Simmons

HEART'S MASQUERADE 10/1989 ISBN: 0380758512 Catherine Amberly knows all too well how contemptuously Ransom du Prey secretly views women. As captain and cabin boy they lived together in easy intimacy, and the bold, buccaneering Ransom never suspected that his loyal "Cat" was a mere girl! Then the golden Catherine jumped ship and traded her breeches for ball gowns. When Ransom pursues her with arrogant ardor, she vows to teach him a lesson in love.

Mary Kay Simmons


Carla Simpson

MEMORY AND DESIRE 9/1988 ISBN: 0821724703

SILVER MISTRESS 4/1988 ISBN: 0821723278 She should have been shocked...Only when she had been locked inside a steamboat trunk for hours did impulsive Laurel Wentworth doubt the wisdom of her means of fleeing her dictatorial uncle. But after she pounded furiously and someone pried open the lid, the scheming blonde was ecstatic that her escape was successful....until she gazed into the handsome, glowering visage of her rescuer. He yanked her from her confines, took outrageous liberties with her body, then surprised the living daylights out of her with his anger and passion. And, before she could even begin to struggle, the spirited beauty was surrendering to the prison of his embrace! He should have been cautious...Notorious Ruel Delaney was so single-minded about his illegal shipment of guns that he didn't stop to think that the pretty bit of baggage he found in the ship's hold could be innocent. And, she bore such an uncanny resemblance to the harlot that had once betrayed him, the jet haired scoundrel couldn't help but to respond to her in the same way. He crushed her hurtfully, kissed her brusingly.....but, as the unyielding strength of his body pinned her into submission, feelings of romance and protectiveness assailed the outraged rake. Casting aside his conscience, he gathered her tenderly into his arms, claiming her as his priceless treasure, possessing her as his Silver Mistress.

Bertrice Small

BEDAZZLED 7/1999 ISBN: 0821765213 Determined to elope with a peer whose name has been blackened by his murderous brother, Lady India Lindley boards a ship bound for Italy with her intended. But when the vessel is taken captive by Ottoman pirates, the independent beauty becomes a slave to Caynan Reis, ruler of the Barbary state of El Sinut-a mysterious man with a secret past. India doesn't expect to fall in love with this infuriating man whose will is as strong as hers-but she does. Nor does she expect that a revolt by Istanbul's powerful Janissaries will tear her from his arms. But fate has a different plan for the proud beauty.....

SKYE O'MALLEY 10/1980 ISBN: 0345323645 There has never been a woman like luscious, raven-haired, hot-tempered Skye O'Malley. She is the courageous seafaring captain of her own mighty fleet, and intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow along as Skye O'Malley is swept up in a journey filled with romance and passion that takes her from glittering Ireland, to lush Algeria, to the heart of London in pursuit of a unique and eternal love.....

Bobbi Smith

CAPTIVE PRIDE 1987 ISBN: 0821721607

CAPTURE MY HEART 8/1992 ISBN: 0821738437 Captured in boyhood by Barbary pirates, raised among them, and renamed Serad, Lord Alexander Wakefield thought of women as mere booty - ornaments for his harem to be owned and enjoyed. Until he captured British heiress Victoria Lynn Lawrence, on her way home to England. Once he swept her from the deck of her ship, carried her to his cabin, and tasted the magic of her luscious lips and silken skin, Alex knew he would forfeit any ransom to keep the seductive temptress for his own. And though Tori was determined to be no man's plaything, she soon felt her defenses crumble under Alex's fiery touch. Though she must escape the harem where he would keep her as love's slave, Tori could never escape the firestorm of desire that captured her heart in the arms of her bold and demanding pirate lover.

PIRATE'S PROMISE 9/1988 ISBN: 0821724487 He shouldn't love her...Sworn to avenge the brutal attack on his fiancée by a bloodthirsty buccaneer, passionate Adam Trent posed as a wealthy planter by day-and the ruthless "Captain Spectre" by night. But when his pursuit took him to New Orleans where he won the lovely Lianne Ducharme's plantation, the single-minded male resented her for tempting him from his goal. All he could think of now was the alluring vixen's slender curves; all he wanted to do was sate his desire with her body. Vowing that he would never forget his purpose, Adam captured her....and playing his Captain Spectre role to the hilt, slaked his thirst with the luscious Lianne! She shouldn't have trusted him...When Lianne's greedy guardian gambled away her family estate, the strong-willed beauty couldn't help but despise her property's new owner. But when the handsome daredevil permitted her to stay until she could settle elsewhere, the grateful belle regarded him in a new light. Suddenly his tall, muscular physique was the one that she wanted to cling to; she longed for him to teach her the splendor of the senses. In the hot, sweet Louisiana darkness, Lianne discovered undreamed of ecstasy....little knowing that she would soon be betrayed by her perfect lover's Pirate's Promise.

RAPTURE'S TEMPEST 9/1985 ISBN: 0821716247 Lovestruck Ecstasy...Terrified of her leering, lustful stepfather, innocent Delight De Vries knew that she had to leave her elegant St. Louis home before it was too late. Disguised as a lad, she fled the waterfront and hired on as a riverboat cabin boy. But when her gaze locked with Captain James Westlake's, the young beauty's heart beat with an inexpressible emotion that she had never felt before. All Delight knew was that in a moment she would forfeit her new-found freedom just to be bound in his arms for a night! Whirlwind Passion... Stumbling into his quarters after a night of carousing, James Westlake just wanted to collapse on his bunk. But the instant that his cabin boy tossed off a wretched cap and shrugged out of baggy trousers, all that he could think about was bedding the voluptuous wench. Her velvety skin beckoned in the moonlight; her delicate hands worked sensuous magic on his hard-muscled frame. And, before either of them had a second thought, they were awash in the surging tides of a breathless love, lost in the wild frenzy of Rapture's Tempest.

Joan Smith

SILVER WATER, GOLDEN SAND 4/1989 ISBN: 0843927593 The incomparable Lady Melora: Titled, wealthy, beautiful, Lady Melora had every qualification necessary to nab herself a good party. For what prospective bridegroom could fail to appreciate her golden curls and pouting lips, to say nothing of her sizeable dowry? But Melora longed for more than a brilliant match-- she yearned for adventure, excitement, romance. And she could find none of these in the stern countenance and arrogant manner of the eminently suitable Lord Leitrim. Little did she guess that she would soon be caught up in a whirlwind of passion and danger from which only the level-headed lord could save her...

Ashley Snow

DANGEROUS DESIRE 4/1990 ISBN: 0821729845 Lovely, chestnut-haired Jess Maury hated the American rebels, not least for murdering her beloved father. Still grief-stricken, she vowed to carry on his undercover work for the British by boarding a trading vessel in Philadelphia's harbor, and delivering an important document to a man in faraway Baghdad -- something to do with intercepting a shipment of gold. But long before she set foot on foreign soil, she couldn't help succumbing to the overpowering physical presence of Captain Rhys Llewellen. And as she exulted in the forbidden ecstasy of his demanding embrace, it never occurred to her to wonder if there was more to his own voyage across the seas than he was letting on. Rhys had more important matters on his mind than gorgeous Jess Maury. As a daring privateer, he had been entrusted by leaders of the Revolution with picking up a vital shipment of foreign gold and bringing it safely home. Still, he was not one to pass up the chance to seduce a beautiful woman; that she was fiery and independent as well could only increase the pleasure when he finally got her into his bed. He would plunder the treasures of her supple body all through the star-filled nights, then go after a different treasure, leaving her with the memory of passion's Dangerous Desire.

Sylvie F. Sommerfield

ELUSIVE SWAN 1987 ISBN: 0821720619 When wealthy, aristocratic Lucas Maine first saw stunning Arianne St. Thomas in a dockside tavern, he could only assume the worst about her. Still, it took all the lusty captain's self-control not to embrace the blonde beauty's sensuous form and stroke every luscious inch of her. But as the evening passed and his blood grew hotter, Lucas found it more and more difficult to remember his mission was to capture the scoundrels who were raiding his ships--not to possess a chit who was mistress to all and loyal to none...

KRISTEN'S PASSION 1983 ISBN: 0821711695 Wild rapture and spine tingling fear melted into a burning sea of desire the moment Captain Morgan Black took the luscious Kristen in his arms. Slowly his mouth claimed hers in a deep, lingering kiss, and the heat of this strange new sensation gripped her, spinning her out of control. First he kidnapped her, now he ravished her, yet somehow this savage pirate touched her very soul. Kristen hated him but wanted him-more than she could ever know....

TAMARA'S ECSTASY 1982 ISBN: 0821717081

Flora M. Speer

LADY LURE 1/1996 ISBN: 0505520729 After being felled by other-world pirates, Admiral Havlo Gibal has visions of the passionate red-haired Perri, who must deliver Havlo to his enemies in order to save the life of her betrothed.

Molly Arost Staub

PIRATE'S PASSION 7/1990 ISBN: 0671680013 Beautiful and innocent Frances Martin was fiercely determined to join her father's shipping business. On the open ocean with him at last, she witnessed his murder by pirates - and her life was changed forever. Vowing revenge, she became renowned as the Lady Pirate, daring and victorious, leading her crew to ever greater exploits. Yet Frances longed to share her victories with the one powerful man who was everything to her. The handsome ship's officer Roger Kingsman helped save her company from ruin...and when they succumbed to their desire, their passion raged high as a storm-tossed sea. But Roger could not accept her as the notorious Lady Pirate, and would deny his tender feelings. Now Frances would begin the most important battle of her life - for the heart of the man she loved!

Michele Stegman

FORTUNE'S MISTRESS 3/1992 ISBN: 0843932457 When swashbuckling Jeffrey Fortune rescued her from the clutches of a vicious pirate, beautiful Raven Winthrop felt as if she were jumping from the frying pan into the fire. For Captain Fortune was a buccaneer himself, and he had sworn to avenge himself on Raven's family. If he learned that he held captive the niece of the very man who had once enslaved him, her life would be forfeit. But swept up in the handsome brigand's torrid embrace, she forgot all danger in the searing ecstasy of becoming Fortune's mistress.

Blaine Stevens

EMBRACE THE WIND 1/1982 ISBN 0515056219 They blazed a trail of passion in the heart of the Florida wilds....It began in the heat of scandal. A young man flees his Virginia home for the pirate coves of Spanish Florida-and footloose adventure...Jeremiah Locke, sent on a secret mission by the President. In the steamy swamps and torch-lit camps he plays the spy to Gen. Andrew Jackson's dangerous ambitions....Mary-Stuart Randolph, the fiancée he left behind, the toast of the tidewater ballrooms. She, too, would fight for her lover's wild heart....Yolanda Castillo y Martiz, the golden haired Castilian Aristocrat. She would follow him across the wilderness, flouting the mores of two worlds, daring unnamable dangers for a love only death could conquer....Embrace the Wind.

Casey Stuart

BELOVED PIRATE 5/1988 ISBN: 0821723480 Outraged Lady - When the lusty Jeremy Corbett slung sumptuous Ariana Wellesley onto his bunk, her wild protests assured the virile pirate of an exciting night ahead. And, as he stilled his captive's struggles with caresses and quieted her cries with kisses, the hot-blooded male was not disappointed. Jeremy was certain that the svelte beauty would only be another notch in his bedpost-but, when he couldn't rid himself of visions of his passionate partner, he decided he'd imprison the saucy chit in his embrace for a while....then, drop her when he was good and ready! Swaggering Buccaneer- Emerald eyed Ariana Wellesley was too furious to be afraid of her towering captor. How dare he shatter her serene life, humiliate her in front of his ruffian crew, and then manhandle her in unmentionable ways? No, she couldn't deny the sensual thrill that his passionate touch caused her, nor the unspeakable delight his heated whisper brought. But the hotheaded brunette would never forgive him his dominating, bullying, arrogant ways. She had to surrender her body to her hated enemy, but she would never let him into her heart and let him become her Beloved Pirate.

WAVES OF PASSION 1984 ISBN: 0821713221 Accused of killing her father, alluring Alaina's only escape was to slip aboard a ship bound for America. Somehow she would find the real murderer and make him pay! Instead she found herself in the powerful arms of Captain Justin Chandler. She hated his arrogance but longed for his ardent kisses. She loathed his protectiveness but sought the warmth of his embrace. She had no intention of falling in love with a pirate--never dreamed that her body would betray her heart...

Robyn Stuart

BUCCANEER'S LADY 2/1982 ISBN:0373300824 A buccaneer's ship was no place for a woman...The door swung open and Corinna's tine cabin was flooded with light. Hawke took a step toward her. "You little fool!" he blazed. "What the devil are you doing here?" She had hired Hawke to find her missing father and stowed away on board to ensure that he did. Now, seeing his implacable fury, she stood proudly to meet it. "You sail at my orders, Captain Hawke. I have every right to be here." "Right?" he bit out savagely. "I'll show you what rights you have aboard my ship!"

Diana Summers

FALLEN ANGEL 12/1981 ISBN: 0872169502 young Veronica Carstairs dazzles the aristocrats of King Louis Philippe court with her sensuous beauty and independent spirit, but her heart is captured by the fanatic revolutionaries who draw her to the smoky cafes of the Latin Quarter. As she is swept up in their desperate struggle for freedom, her innocence is brutally ravished by an unscrupulous American pirate--and she becomes an unwilling slave to his whims and her own fiercely felt passion.....   

Libby Sydes

STOLEN DREAMS 5/1995 ISBN: 0440215447 Frantic to rescue her kidnapped son, Lady Winthrop Chalmers must turn to a ruthless pirate for help. Ten years ago Lara had been the notorious Hunter Hamilton's captive, caught up in his passion as surely as she was trapped on his ship. Now she must seek help from the pirate whom she vowed to forget.

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