Listed below are the some of the best loved medieval romances of all times, compiled from various lists throughout the internet where readers voted for their all time favorite romances.

Jill Barnett

WICKED 9/1999. ISBN: 067103412X. Lady Sofia Beatrice Rosalynde Anne Therese Howard has as many suitors as she has names. But she's spurned every last one of them, to the dismay of her guardian, King Edward I. Now, even increasing her dower prize will not lure offers for the defiant, but lonely, Sofia, whose young heart was once broken by a too-arrogant knight. Sir Tobin de Clare is the man who broke her heart, and he must make amends for a careless act from the past. Nothing will stop this ruthless warrior from winning her hand. Nothing, that is, except Sofia's tattered pride and her demand that he also surrender his heart. In a rousing battle of will and wit that makes war seem peaceful, one powerfully determined knight and his spirited lady find that love at first sight is never, ever easy.

WILD 11/1998. ISBN: 0671004131. Shunned by superstitious villagers, Teleri of the Woods learned early that the world is a frightening place. For years she has lived hidden away in a dark forest, where her only friends are the creatures of the woods. But when she finds a gravely wounded knight, her sanctuary is safe no more. With his legendary skills in war and diplomacy, Roger FitzAlan had been sent to establish a stronghold on the Welsh borderlands. Ambushed and left to die by an unknown enemy, Roger must now battle for more than his life - he must win the trust and love of the wild young woman who has every reason to fear him. Roger knows he cannot live in Teleri's world, and she is afraid of his. Once he recovers, Roger is determined to find the one who tried to kill him. And Teleri must choose whether to stay secluded with a broken heart - or to trust this powerful warrior who has threatened all she holds dear. Together they journey to a place where duty is everything, where a man's honor - not his heart - must guide him. There, amid the dangerous secrets of the past, they will risk everything in search of a love that is forever.

WONDERFUL 9/1997. ISBN: 0671004123. After too many years on the battlefield, Merrick de Beaucourt is looking forward to a simple life of peace and quiet with a docile wife at his side. But when he finally fetches his bride-to-be from a secluded English convent, he finds he needs more than his knight's spurs to bring order to his life. When she was betrothed at fifteen to the legendary English knight she had never met, Lady Clio of Camrose believed that love was something magical. But her youthful hopes faded as she languished in a convent for six long years, never hearing a word from Merrick. Weary of war, Lord Merrick finds little peace guarding the wild Welsh borders, and even less with the wife whose trust he destroyed. But as Lady Clio comes to understand the dark knight she so blindly wed, she sees a chance to make her dreams come true. Amid the enchanted mists that envelop Camrose Castle, they will battle together to discover a place where all things are possible, even a love that is rare and wonderful.

Julie Beard

A DANCE IN HEATHER 6/1996. ISBN: : 0515118737. Lady Tess Farnsworth bitterly accepted the royal decree to wed the man whom she detested above all. The gloriously handsome Earl of Easterby had failed her in a desperate time of need, and her only solace in wedding him was the promise of vengeance. First, Tess plotted to seduce the Earl. Too late, she realized that the man she sought to seduce was himself a master of seduction.

Rebecca Brandewyne

ROSE OF RAPTURE 1984. ISBN: 0446376132. Her name is Lady Isabella Ashley, but she is called the Rose of Rapture, for her silvery-blond beauty is as pristine as the white rose of York, and she is no stranger to rapture. She has learned early on its exquisite pleasure and pain. An orphan and valuable ward of the Crown, heiress to lands and fortune, she has been protected since childhood by the Duke of Gloucester, who would eventually be called King Richard III by all Englishmen---and murderer by some. But Isabella will discover that those who accept the King's kindness must also share his battles, although the blood might run as red as the rose that is the emblem of his enemies, the Lancastrians. To secure an alliance, it is one of these last who is chosen as a husband for Isabella - although she wants him not. He is the Earl of Hawkhurst, Lord Warrick Tremayne, and in the end, for her love, he schemes and struggles as fervently as he fights to destroy Richard III and put the upstart Henry Tudor on the throne of England.

Marsha Canham

IN THE SHADOW OF MIDNIGHT 4/1994. ISBN: 0440206138. Niece to the powerful Marshal of England, Lady Ariel de Clare was as skilled with the broadsword as any knight - a fierce, headstrong beauty determined to disobey the King himself rather than marry by decree. No man would ever command her. And no man did - until she met the legendary warrior pledged to see her safely to Wales, the bastard son of a nobleman who challenged her untamed soul. She was a complication Eduard FitzRandwulf d'Ambroise could ill afford, the ravishing redhead disguised as a squire in his ragtag band, a pawn in a dangerous plan to rescue Princess Eleanor from the unspeakable evil of King John. There was no room for error - or for wildfire passions raging out of control...

THE LAST ARROW 5/1997. ISBN: 0440222575. She caught him trespassing on her family's lands, the sensuous and mysterious knight who had come to Normandy to challenge her brother, Robin, in the tournament at Chateau Gaillard. Brenna Wardieu's well honed instincts warned her that Griffyn Renaud was no ordinary mercenary. When she discovered he was the invincible Prince of Darkness, undefeated champion in three lands, she feared he had been hired to do more than just defeat Robin in the lists. She was Lady Brenna Wardieu, daughter of the legendary Black Wolf, and from the moment Griffyn found himself at the mercy of the magnificent lady archer, he suspected he had met his match. And when she offered him her body in exchange for her brother's life, it proved to be the instrument of his own defeat, for the passion he discovered in her arms threatened to shatter not only the armor surrounding his heart, but the peace of two kingdoms.

THROUGH A DARK MIST 11/1991. ISBN: As the misty forest quivers with the deadly flight of arrows, a tale of revenge and fated passion unfolds. An outlaw known as the Black Wolf of Lincoln dares to stand before the slender, golden loveliness of Lady Servanne de Briscourt - and in one swift, trembling moment, the future of a kingdom is changed. Betrothed to Prince John's champion, the Dragon Lord of Bloodmoor Keep, Servanne becomes the unwilling pawn in a treacherous game...and the defiant love of a dangerous rogue whose secrets can rock a throne. Together they will be swept into the rich pageantry of royal power, throwing wide the huge gates of Bloodmoor to unleash the fury of a thousand armored knights. All the ancient hatreds spawned by a family's sins are revealed, threatening the lives - and the reckless love - of the Black Wolf and the only woman who can tame his bold, wild heart.

Claudia Dain

THE HOLDING 3/2001 ISBN: 0843948582 It was done. She was his wife. Wife of a knight so silent and stealthy, they called him "The Fog." Everything Lady Cathryn of Greneforde owned -- castle, lands and people -- was now safe in his hands. But there was one barrier yet to be breached...There was a secret at Greneforde Castle, a secret embodied in its seemingly obedient mistress and silent servants. Betrayal, William feared, awaited him on his wedding night. But he had vowed to take possession of the holding his king had granted him. To do so he must know his wife completely, take her in the most elemental and intimate holding of all.

THE MARRIAGE BED 11/2001 ISBN: 0843949333 It starts with a kiss, an explosion of longing that cannot be contained. He is a young knight bent on winning his spurs; she is a maiden promised to another man; theirs is a love that can never be. But a year's passing and a strange destiny brings them together again. Now he is a monk desperately fleeing temptation, and she is the lady of Dornei, a woman grown, yearning to fulfill the forbidden fantasies of girlhood. They are a couple with nothing in common but a wedding night neither will ever forget. Eager virgin and unwilling bridegroom, yielding softness and driving strength, somehow they must become one soul, one purpose, one body within the marriage bed.

Jude Deveraux

HIGHLAND VELVET 1982. ISBN: 0671011340. He came to Scotland as a conqueror, saw her beauty and was vanquished. But still she would abhor him. She owned a temper hot enough to forge the armors of battle or inflame a valiant soldier's passion. Yet still she would resist him. She became his reason to live, his reason to love. And still she would deny him. But while clan fought clan, while brother took up sword against brother, and the highlands ran with blood, their destiny was made...and this mighty warrior pledged himself to this woman's pride, her honor and her name - and made of their love a torch to burn through the ages!

VELVET ANGEL 12/1983. ISBN: 0671739735. She came to him as a precious gift, a naked angel rolled in a rug. Once he gazed into her green eyes, saw her tangle of honey blonde hair, he was undone with passion. Elizabeth would never surrender. He was a hated Montgomery - she was a Chatworth - and the blood war between their families raged on, a wildfire of rape, murder, and betrayal. Elizabeth vowed to fight the handsome lord, to resist the burning desire in his eyes - no matter how great the temptation.

THE VELVET PROMISE 4/1981. ISBN: 0671739743. All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her. At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch of their hands ignited an all-consuming passion. Gavin Montgomery looked deep into her golden eyes and burned with desire for her..but his heart had been pledged to another. Humiliated and alone in a strange castle, Judith resolved to hat this husband who took her body, but rejected her love.. never admitting her fear of losing him. But destiny held another fate for Judith...a fate would keep at last... the velvet promise.

VELVET SONG 1983. ISBN: 0671739751. With her father murdered, her home burned, lovely Alyx Blackett fled to the woods - and sanctuary in the camp of Raine Montgomery, a nobleman outlawed by the king's edict. There she hid her beauty in the guise of a boy, and her sorrow in her work as Montgomery's squire. But how long could such loveliness as hers be hidden? How long could such a gallant man's desires be blind? And soon - even as a blood feud raged between the Montgomerys and the Chatworths, as angry swords clattered in the name of family honor - one woman's love would make all the woman's love would inflame a hero's passion, touch a king's pity, and raise a song of praise in every English heart.

Christina Dodd

CANDLE IN THE WINDOW 4/1991. ISBN: 006108560X. Thrown together in a blaze of passion, Lady Saura of Roget and Sir William of Miraval soon find themselves fighting for their lives, even as they surrender to an all-consuming love.

Shannon Drake

PRINCESS OF FIRE 6/1989.  ASIN: 0821747967.  Alaric, the mighty Norman warrior destined for greatness--forced to take sides in a bloody battle for power and glory. Fallon, the willful Saxon princess born into a land divided by blackest treachery--fighting for her life against the despised Normans.

Gayle Feyrer

THE THIEF'S MISTRESS 9/1996.  ASIN: 0440217784.  A new vision of the legend of Robin Hood and his lady love. Here is a warrior Marian, both valiant and vengeful.  She has destroyed Simon of Vitry for his terrible crimes against her family, but his death has left her empty of purpose, her heart cold as a stone. Now, Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of the imprisoned King Richard the Lion Heart, persuades her to go to Nottingham to spy on Prince John and the conniving Sheriff. Marian can cope with their nefarious schemes, but she finds herself torn between the seductive outlaw Robin who waylays her in Sherwood Forest, and the dark, brooding Guy of Guisborne.

Julie Garwood

THE BRIDE 7/1989. ISBN: 0671737791. By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison...a feisty violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her...forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to his highland barbarian. He was everything her heart warned against - an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And though Kincaid's scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him...until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses...

GENTLE WARRIOR 10/1985. ISBN: 0671737805. In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she rode again through the fortress gates, disguised as a seek aid from Geoffrey Berkley, the powerful baron who had routed the murderers. He heard her pleas, resisted her demands, and vowed to seduce his beautiful subject. Yet as Elizabeth fought the warrior's caresses, love flamed for this gallant man who must soon champion her cause...and capture her spirited heart!

HONOR'S SPLENDOUR 12/1987. ISBN: 0671737821.. In the feuding English court, gentle Lady Madelyne suffered the cruel whims of her ruthless brother, Baron Louddon. Then, in vengeance for a bitter crime, Baron Duncan of Wexton - the Wolf - unleashed his warriors against Louddon's domain. Exquisite Madelyne was the prize he captured...but when he gazed up on the proud beauty, he pledged to protect her with his life. In his roughhewn castle, Duncan proved true to his honor. But when at least their noble passion conquered them both, she surrendered with all her soul. Now, for love, Madelyne would stand bravely as her Lord, the powerful Wolf who fought for Honor's Splendour.

THE PRIZE 8/1991. ISBN: 0671702513. In the resplendence of William the Conqueror's London court, the lovely Saxon captive Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles. She chose Royce, a baron warrior whose fierce demeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart. Resourceful, rebellious and utterly naive, Nicholaa vowed to bend Royce to her will, despite the whirlwind of feeling he aroused in her. Ferocious in battle, seasoned in passion, Royce was surprised by the depth of his emotions whenever he caressed his charming bride. In a climate of utmost treachery, where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders, Royce and Nicholaa reveled in their precious new love...a fervent bond soon to be disrupted by the call of blood, kin and country!

RANSOM 2/1999. ISBN: 0671003356. In the dark days after the death of Richard the Lionhearted, lives and lands would fall into upheaval at the hands of a power-hungry British ruler and his violent minions. One victim of the scourge is innocent Gillian, who is a mere child when the cruel and ambitious Baron Alford slaughters her father and tears her family apart. Alford, determined to recover a jeweled box for the despotic King John is furious when the precious treasure slips through his fingers - only to be lost for more than a decade. Now a beautiful young woman who has forged a life for herself, Gillian finds the key to resolving her past in handsome Scottish chieftains Ramsey Sinclair and Brodick Buchanan. With the cunning and courage of the daring Scotsmen to aid her, and finding a bond of trust and friendship with a new ally, Bridgid Kirk Connell, Gillian at last fights the unscrupulous Baron Alford, laying claim to her home, her family, and her father's reputation. But in the presence of the mighty warriors beside them, Gillian and Bridgid will discover that desire can be a weapon of conquest...betrayal can slay trust in a heartbeat... and the greatest risk of all is surrender - to the deep emotions of unexpected love.

SAVING GRACE 8/1993. ISBN:0671870114. When Lady Johanna learned that she was a widow, she vowed she would never marry again. Only sixteen, already she possessed a strength of will that impressed all who looked past her golden-haired beauty. Yet when King John demanded that she remarry - and selected a bridegroom for her - it seemed she must acquiesce, until her beloved foster brother suggested she wed his friend, the handsome Scottish warrior, Gabriel MacBain. At first Johanne was shy, but as Gabriel tenderly revealed the splendid pleasures they would share, she came to suspect that she was falling in love with her gruff new husband. And it was soon apparent to the entire Highlands clan that their brusque, gallant laird had surrendered his heart completely. But now a desperate royal intrigue threatened to tear her from his side - and to destroy the man whose love meant more to her than she had ever dreamed!

THE SECRET 5/1992. ISBN: 0671744216. Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud, as purposeful as she was loyal. The dear Scottish friend of her childhood was about to give birth, and Judith had promised to be at her side. But there was another, private reason for the journey from her bleak English home to the Highlands: to meet the father she had never known, the Laird Maclean. Nothing prepared her for the sight of the Scottish barbarian who was to escort her into his land...Iain Maitland, Laird of his clan, a man more powerfully compelling than any she had ever encountered. In a spirited clash of wills and customs, Judith reveled in the melting bliss of Iain's searching kisses, his passionate caresses. Perplexed by her sprightly defiance, bemused by her tender nature, Iain felt his soul growing into the light and warmth of their love. Surely nothing would wrench her from the affection and trust of Iain and his clan...not even the truth about her father, a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance, and the most glorious of loves.

THE WEDDING 8/1996. ISBN: 0671871005. Journeying from England to Scotland to wed a highlander, Lady Brenna had resigned herself to the arranged match. But when a band of fierce, painted warriors captured her en route, she fearlessly met their demand to marry their leader - the quick-tempered laird Connor MacAlister. She couldn't know that her capture was merely the first act of vengeance against her betrothed, Connor's sworn enemy. Brenna harbored no illusions that her husband was in love with her; after a hasty forest wedding, MacAlister assured her she could return home once she had borne him a son. But she could not deny that she had once proposed to MacAlister - ten years ago, when she was just a child, and the visitor to her father's castle charmed her with his dazzling, unexpected smile. Now, as she sets out to win the brave chieftain whom she has come to adore, a legacy of revenge ensnares Brenna in a furious clan war - and only her faith in her gallant hero can save her...

Roberta Gellis

ALINOR 1978.  ASIN: 0515076309A woman alone, trapped in a maze of treacherous power plays and volatile liaisons, Alinor Lemagne is irresistibly swept into an intoxicating, breathless passion for the darkly sensual man whose forbidden love promises only pain and peril. Swirling from the bloody battlegrounds of France and England to the rich pageantry of the king's court, Alinor's passionate adventures weave a breathtaking tale of danger and desire -- and a beautiful woman's desperate quest for love.

BOND OF BLOOD 1964.  ISBN: 0380007142. Leah, lovely young daughter of the Earl of Pembroke, awoke one morning to find herself betrothed by  her father to Cain, Lord of Radnor.  He was not the knight of her dreams -- twice her age, a huge bear of a man with a battle-seamed face, he sought her hand to bring peace between their two rival factions, little knowing that the marriage bond would ally him with a family which sought his death.  Against a dark tapestry of intrigue and treachery unfolds the romance of Leah and Cain, the tender story of Leah's emerging womanhood, and the jagged conflict between her loyalty to family and her blossoming love for her husband. 

A TAPESTRY OF DREAMS 6/1985. ISBN: 042507627X. 

Virginia Henley

THE DRAGON AND THE JEWEL 12/1991. ISBN: 0440206243. With her sapphire eyes and silken dark hair, Princess Eleanor was a bewitching beauty made for a man's pleasure. But once a child bride widowed at a tender age, she swore never to marry again and took a vow of eternal chastity...until Simon de Montfort marched into England and set his smoldering dark gaze upon her. Bold, arrogant, and invincible, the towering Norman knight inspired awe in the bravest of men...and a reckless desire in Eleanor's untried heart. They called him the Dragon, but the most reared and dangerous warlord in all the land had one fatal weakness. Inflamed by Eleanor's incandescent loveliness and intoxicating innocence, he would pursue her with a passion that demanded unconditional surrender..a passion that would erupt in scandal and rock the embattled realm, staining the pages of history with blood and betrayal...igniting the pages of history with the rapture of all-consuming love...

THE FALCON AND THE FLOWER 9/1989.  ISBN: 0440204291. Astride her white palfrey, surrounded by a nimbus of silver-blond hair, Jasmine was a vision to strike a man mute with desire. But the violet-eyed love child of King Richard's half brother had vowed that no man would ever rule her heart. Until she saw the face of the Devil himself in her crystal ball--the dark, brooding knight who would kill to make her his own. She would risk a dissolute court and a maddened, lustful king to keep destiny at bay, anything to keep her from the hypnotic eyes and burning caresses of...The Falcon. A wickedly handsome warrior who lived by blood and the sword, Falcon de Burgh wanted to wed no woman--until he laid eyes on the exquisite Jasmine, and he vowed to possess her, to teach her all the wondrous ways a man could love a woman, no matter what it might take to conquer her fiery, unyielding heart. Falcon knew only blind, reckless passion as he swore to tame, at the risk of his life...The Flower.

Linda Howard

SON OF THE MORNING 3/1997. ISBN: 067179938X.  A tale of a contemporary woman who unravels an extraordinary mystery from the past... by living it.  A scholar specializing in ancient manuscripts, Grace St. John never imagined that a cache of fragile, old documents she discovered was the missing link to a lost Celtic treasure. But as soon as she deciphers the intriguing legend of the Knights of the Templar -- long fabled to hold the key to unlimited power -- Grace becomes the target of a ruthless killer bent on abusing the coveted force. Determined to stop him, Grace needs the help of a celebrated warrior bound by duty to uphold the Templar's secret for all eternity. But to find him -- and to save herself -- she must go back in time. Summoning the magic of an arcane ritual, Grace steps back to the barren hills of 14th-century Scotland, enduring the perils of an untamed land to confront Black Niall, a fierce man of dark fury and raw, unbridled desire. Driven by a mix of fear and passion, Grace enlists this brazen knight to join her in a modern-day search for a killer. In their quest to protect a timeless secret, they uncover a love for all time -- and a deadly duel of honor that risks everything they have.

Ellen Jones

THE FATAL CROWN 1991 ISBN: 0671724649 Twelfth century England, a time of pageantry, treachery and ambition. When Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, loses his son and heir on the White ship, he decides to crown his beautiful, headstrong daughter, Maud; a fictional story of King Stephen and Empress Maud.

Susan King

THE STONE MAIDEN 3/2000. ISBN: 0451199707. Alainna MacLaren is the last hope of her Highland clan. According to the legend of the Stone Maiden, the ancient enchantment that protects her people will fade - unless Alainna weds a man who is willing to adopt her name...Sebastien le Bret is a hardened knight with noble aspirations. He agrees to help Alainna in exchange for her land, and will fight to protect her people - but he has no intention of forsaking his name to marry her...Amid Scotland's wild, majestic beauty, the two are about to discover that true love is the greatest legacy of all.

Lynn Kurland

A DANCE THROUGH TIME 12/1996.  ISBN:051511927X. Medieval Period. Scotland, 1311. James MacLeod was the most respected-and feared-laird in all of Scotland. he loved his men like brothers and his land with a passion. And he allowed no women to cross the threshold of his keep... New York City, 1996. With an indifferent fiancÚ and a stalled writing career, Elizabeth Smith found passion and adventure only in the unpublished romance novels that she wrote. Until a Scottish hero began calling to her.

THIS IS ALL I ASK 8/1997 ISBN: 0515121398. Medieval. Set near the Scottish border at a rugged castle on the edge of the sea, this is the story of a courageous lord who lost everything he held dear. Of a strong young woman willing to sacrifice everything for happiness. Two lost souls who find in each other a reason to live again, to laugh again, and to love for the first time.

THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU 4/1998.  ISBN:0515122610. Medieval Period. Alexander Smith had found success in the world of corporate takeovers--but not happiness. That had always escaped him...along with true love. Then, at the MacLeod Keep in Scotland, he found a pirate map that miraculously answered his yearnings--with a journey to another time. And when he was captured in Medieval England by Margaret of Falconberg, a fierce beauty hidden in knight's armor, he rediscovered his own chivalrous--and passionate--heart.

Johanna Lindsey

DEFY NOT THE HEART 1989.  ISBN: 0380752999.  Reina seethes with rage over her fate: taken captive by the knight Ranulf -- a golden giant of a man -- who has pledged to deliver her to the nuptial bed of the despised Lord Rothwell. She will never accept such bondage -- and Reina offers herself to her kidnapped instead, offering to make Ranulf a great lord...if he agrees to wed her. But the brave knight desires much more than a marriage of convenience from this proud, headstrong lady who treats him with scorn yet makes his blood run hotter than liquid fire. She must come to him of her own free will -- or Ranulf will take her. For the passion that consumes them both cannot long be denied -- even though gravest peril surely awaits them on the heart's trail to a destines and turbulent love.

PRISONER OF MY DESIRE 12/1991. ISBN: 0380756277. Medieval. Spirited Rowena Belleme must produce an heir - or incur the dangerous wrath of a ruthless stepbrother who stands to forfeit his ill-gotten wealth. And the magnificent Warrick de Chaville is the perfect choice to sire her child -though it means imprisoning the handsome knight...and forcing him to bend to her amorous whims. Vowing to resist but betrayed by his own virility, noble Warrick is intoxicated by Rowena's sapphire eyes and voluptuous beauty. Yet all the while he plans a fitting revenge - eagerly awaiting the time when his sensuous captor becomes his helpless captive...and is made to suffer the same rapturous torment and exquisite ecstasy that he himself endured.

Morgan Llywelyn

LION OF IRELAND 1979.  ISBN: 0812553993.  King, Warrior, Lover - Brian Boru was stronger, braver, and wiser than all other men -- the greatest king Ireland has ever known. Out of the mists of the country's most violent age, he emerged to lead his people to the peak of their golden era. His women were as remarkable as his adventures. Fiona, the druidess with mystical powers. Deirdre, beautiful victim of a Norse invader's brutal lust. Gormlaith, six-foot, read-haired goddess of sensuality. Set against the barbaric splendors of the tenth century, this is a story rich in truth and legend -- which friends become deadly enemies, bedrooms turn into battlefields, and dreams of glory are finally fulfilled. 

Elizabeth Lowell

ENCHANTED 8/1994. ISBN: 0380772574. Simon the Loyal has vowed never to love, for love has made great warriors weak. To bring peace to the Disputed Lands, he agrees to wed an unwilling Norman heiress who speaks only through the sad songs she draws from her harp. Marriage is his duty and nothing more. Ariane has known only coldness from men - and a betrayal so deep it all but killed her soul. And so she comes to Simon with resistance...and fear. Yet marriage in name alone can never be enough for it is more than obligation that fires Simon's blood when first he sets eyes on his bewitching, reluctant bride. He must teach Ariane passion - and she must teach him trust. For all that is good within them will surely perish unless they surrender their heart to a love enchanted...

FORBIDDEN 10/1993. ISBN: They call her "Amber the Untouched" throughout the Disputed Lands - a chaste, golden-haired beauty who fears the remarkable love that was prophesied at her birth...and the death the must inevitably follow. Now Duncan has come to her in darkness, as was foretold - a wounded warrior with no memory, seared by passion's fire and irresistibly drawn to the innocent enchantress who divines truth with a touch. Their romance is legend in a time of war. But when Duncan's memory returns, he sees Amber as his enemy. Still, he cannot forsake the lover who has healed his body and his heart. And he will defy to the death the dread forces that have proclaimed their love forbidden...

UNTAMED 3/1993. ISBN: 0380769530. A hero of the Crusades, Dominic le Sabre has returned to Scotland in glory and in triumph to claim his reward: the beautiful Saxon bride awarded to him by the conqueror King. But Lady Margaret of Blackthorne cannot yield to the bold Norman invader. The beloved daughter of a sacred tribe of Celtic mystics, she fears an ancient curse that could bring further turmoil to her battle-scarred land...and sorrow to her marriage bed. With a word, the Lady could turn her wedding into a war. But there awaits in noble knight's embrace a promise of passion unbound - and a love that neither violence nor treachery can tear asunder, a love both invincible and untamed...

Kinley MacGregor

MASTER OF DESIRE 2/2001 ISBN: 0061087130 All her life, Emily has had one dream--to be a wife and mother.  Unfortunately, her father has other plans for her future. But when her father crosses one of the most powerful men in England, King Henry II decides the best way to keep peace is to hand her over as a political hostage to Draven, Earl of Ravenswood. Knowing this is her only chance to catch a husband, she immediately sets her cap for the most eligible bachelor in Christendom. Draven has known no kindness. Bred to be invincible, he has lived his life on the battlefield, a dedicated servant to the crown. Now he has sworn to Henry he will place no hand on Emily in anger or in lust. If only the lady would give him peace. Instead, she pursues him relentlessly with the ridiculous notion to make him her husband. But marriage is something he can never do, not with the family curse that taints his blood.

Isolde Martyn

THE LADY AND THE UNICORN 9/1999 ISBN: 0553581686.  The year is 1470 and the legendary Wars of the Roses threatens to tear England apart. In the middle of the conflict is a most unlikely heroine. For Margery, the beautiful and spirited ward of Warwick the Kingmaker, freedom is the only prize worth having. But it is a prize that could cost her her life. Sent to France on a mission for King Edward IV, she finds herself the target of a man who may be one of the king's most dangerous enemies. Sir Richard Huddleston is bold, enigmatic, and devastatingly handsome. He is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Margery to be his wife. But what else does he want? Margery suspects that Richard has abandoned the king and the house of York and is conspiring with the rebel queen and the traitorous house of Lancaster. Caught between her role as a spy and a fierce passion that neither she nor Richard can deny, Margery finds her heart exposed to the ultimate danger: falling in love. Yet she cannot admit her real mission to Richard. For if she stays true to her noble cause, she'll save many men... and lose the one that matters most. 

THE KNIGHT AND THE ROSE 2/2002 ISBN: 0425183297 When Lady Johanna Fitzhenry is married to a power-hungry veteran of the wars against Robert the Bruce, her life turns into a brutal nightmare. Her only chance for escape depends upon the willingness of a complete stranger to go before the court and swear that he married her first. But Johanna's attempt to discover the true identity of her hired husband will sweep her into the highest echelons of the English court-and into a dangerous passion she has never known before.

Teresa Medeiros

CHARMING THE PRINCE 5/1999. ISBN: 0553575023. My enemies know me as Lord Bannor the Bold, Pride of the English and Terror of the French. Never in my life have I backed down from any challenge or betrayed so much as a hint of fear - until the war ended and I found myself a reluctant papa to a dozen unruly children. Realizing that I couldn't lop their little heads off or throw them into the dungeon, I sent my steward out to find them a mother and me a bride - an unattractive, meek, maternal creature too plain to tempt me to get her with child. You can imagine my horror when he returned with Lady Willow of Bedlington, a spirited beauty who made me think of nothing else! With her cloud of dark curls and the sparkle of passion in her eyes, Willow was everything I'd sworn to resist. I never dreamed she would join forces with those mischievous imps of mine to teach this cynical warrior just how sweet surrender can be.

Judith McNaught

A KINGDOM OF DREAMS 1989. ISBN: 0671737619. ...the story of Jennifer Merrick, a feisty Scottish beauty, and the fierce English warrior she defies - and desires. Abducted from her convent school, headstrong Jennifer does not easily surrender to Royce Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. Known as "The Wolf," his very name strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies. But proud Jennifer will have nothing to do with this man who holds her captive, this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing arrogance. Boldly she challenges his will...until the night he takes her in his powerful embrace, awakening in her an irresistible hunger. And suddenly Jennifer finds herself ensnared in bewildering web...a seductive, dangerous trap of pride, passion, loyalty...and overwhelming love.

Glenna McReynolds

THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE 10/1997 ISBN: 0553574302 In a land of forbidding castles, sacred prophecies, and unholy betrayals, mystery surrounds the one woman who holds the key to an ancient legacy. She is Ceridwen, an orphan unaware of her immense power -- until fate leads her from a secluded abbey into the tower of a feared sorcerer. Dain Lavrans has no magic in himself, only the secrets of medicine he uncovered while a soldier in the Crusades. But he finally beholds true enchantment in the spell of passion innocently woven by the ethereal Ceridwen. Yet there are many who seek the maiden, all meaning to wrest her power for themselves. Now Ceridwen and Dain must struggle to escape the snares set by friend and foe alike, even as they uncover a love that promises to bind them forever.

DREAM STONE 12/1998 ISBN: 0553574310 After a cataclysmic battle, the rightful owners of Carn Merioneth have reclaimed the ancient castle and released the pryf - spawn of dragons from their prison. But for Mychael ab Arawn, son of the last rulers of Merioneth, there is no peace after victory. Urged by a restless yearning to forsake his monk's vows, he now searches through the endless tunnels and caves beneath the castle, hoping to find the dragons that appeared to him in a fiery vision. Others, though, seek to turn Mychael to their own purposes. Rhuddlan, leader of the Quicken-tree clan, would keep him tied to the world of men, leaving the dragons for Rhuddlan to rule. The witch Madron urges Mychael -- the first male, forbiddenly conceived, in a line of priestesses -- to stand in his mother's place as seer. Only the Quicken-tree maid, Llynya, with her lavender scent and lighting-fast blade, follows Mychael's dangerous path. Seeking to redeem the honor she believes she has lost, she vows to discover with Mychael the deepest memories of the earth and time. Yet even as he is drawn to her by a sensual power more potent than the dragon's blood that flows through him, Mychael resists her pleas to journey with him. For he is certain she will find not honor, but death. Already portents herald the return of monstrous forces, ancient enemies of man and the Quicken-tree clan. And a prophecy demands that Mychael and Llynya stand together against the darkness, find the enscrolled Magic Blade, and call forth the dragons in a confrontation with an unimagined evil that threatens to sweep them all into a vortex without end... .

PRINCE OF TIME 11/2000 ISBN: 0553574329 He's the last thing she expected --and she has waited for him all her life! It was written that her prince would be a mage, a warrior, and a saint. Instead he's a mercenary thief with a fondness for vice-filled dens and off-world wine. How can the sacred prophecy be wrong --or is there more to Morgan ab Kynan than meets the eye? Lady Avallyn has little choice and no time to ponder the possibilities of a mistake. She's the one woman who can save a twelfth-century mage whose demise turned the earth into a barren desert. And only one man can take her back into the past: the charismatic thief who may or may not be the fated Prince of Time.But the reluctant thief and the resolute princess are followed by a ruthless villain who wants them both dead. Morgan and Avallyn will need more than skill, courage, and magic to survive in the ancient past, where an even greater danger awaits. They will need faith in each other and a trust born of a passion willing to sacrifice everything --even life itself --for love....

Karen Marie Moning

BEYOND THE HIGHLAND MIST 4/1999.  ISBN:0440234808. Medieval Period.  He was known throughout the kingdom as Hawk, legendary predator of the battlefield and the boudoir. No woman could refuse his touch, but no woman ever stirred his heart--until a vengeful fairy tumbled Adrienne de Simone out of modern-day Seattle and into medieval Scotland. Captive in a century not her own, entirely too bold, too outspoken, she was an irresistible challenge to the sixteenth-century rogue. She had a perfect "no" on her perfect lips for the notorious laird, but Hawk swore she would whisper his name with desire, begging for the passion he longed to ignite within her. Not even the barriers of time and space would keep him from winning her love. Despite her uncertainty about following the prompting of her own passionate heart, Adrienne's reservations were no match for Hawk's determination to keep her by his side.... 

THE HIGHLANDER'S TOUCH 12/2000. ISBN:  0440236525.  He was a mighty Scottish warrior who lived in a world bound by ancient laws and timeless magic. But no immortal powers could prepare the laird of Castle Brodie for the lovely accursed lass who stood before him. A terrible trick of fate had sent her 700 years back in time and into his private chamber to tempt him with her beauty -- and seduce him with a desire he could never fulfill. For this woman he burned to possess was also the woman he had foresworn to destroy. When Lisa felt the earth move under her feet, the fiercely independent 21st-century woman never dreamed she was falling... into another century. But the powerful, naked warrior who stood glaring down at her was only too real... and too dangerously arousing. Irresistibly handsome he might be, but Lisa had no intention of remaining in this savage land torn by treachery and war. How could she know that her seductive captor had other plans for her... plans that would save her from a tragic fate? Or that this man who had long ago forsaken love would defy time itself to claim her for his own.

KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER 9/2001 ISBN: 044023655X Enchanted by a powerful spell, Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar slumbered for nearly five centuries hidden deep in a cave, until an unlikely savior awakened him. The enticing lass who dressed and spoke like no woman he’d ever known was from his distant future, where crumbled ruins were all that remained of his vanished world. Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. And he needed the bewitching woman by his side....A woman changed forever in his arms...Gwen Cassidy had come to Scotland to shake up her humdrum life and, just maybe, meet a man. How could she have known that a tumble down a Highland ravine would send her plunging into an underground cavern — to land atop the most devastatingly seductive man she’d ever seen? Or that once he’d kissed her, he wouldn’t let her go? Bound to Drustan by a passion stronger than time, Gwen is swept back to sixteenth-century Scotland, where a treacherous enemy plots against them ... and where a warrior with the power to change history will defy time itself for the woman he loves....

TO TAME A HIGHLAND WARRIOR 1/2000. ISBN: 0440234816. He was born to a clan of warriors of supernatural strength, but Gavrael McIllioch abandoned his name and his Highland castle, determined to escape the dark fate of his ancestors. Hiding his identity from the relentless rival clan that hunted him, he called himself Grimm to protect the people he cared for, vowing never to acknowledge his love for ravishing Jillian St. Clair. Yet even from afar he watched over her, and when her father sent an urgent summons, "Come for Jillian," he raced to her side - into a competition to win her hand in marriage. Why had he run from her so many years before? And why return now to see her offered as a prize in her father's manipulative game? Furious, Jillian vowed never to wed. But Grimm was the man she loved, the one who urged her to marry another. He tired to pretend indifference as she tempted him, but he could not deny the fierce desires that compelled him to abduct her from the altar. She was the only woman who could tame the beast that raged within him - even as deadly enemies plotted to destroy them both...

Karyn Monk

THE PRISONER 5/2001 ISBN:055357762X He was a fugitive from justice...Once a powerful laird, now a convicted murderer, Haydon Kent, Marquess of Redmond, had no hope of eluding the hangman's noose --until a mysterious beauty appeared in the dark shadows of his cell. Escaping in the dead of night, he sought only to reclaim his life and prove his innocence. Instead he finds himself imprisoned once again --by an exquisite woman with red-gold hair who soothes his fevered body and tormented soul ... and stirs in him a passion unlike any he has ever known....until she imprisoned his heart. An outcast from society, Genevieve MacPhail has devoted her life to rescuing wayward urchins from the brutalities of a corrupt prison system. Harboring an infamous escaped murderer will only imperil the beloved children who have become the center of her world. But she doesn't believe the disarmingly handsome nobleman is a cold-blooded killer --even if he does harbor a painful secret. Determined to solve the mystery of who was trying to kill him, Genevieve will assume the role of Haydon's wife, only to find herself succumbing to a dangerous desire that could destroy them both.

Sharon Kay Penman

HERE BE DRAGONS 1987 ISBN:0345382846 Thirteenth-century Wales is a divided country, ever at the mercy of England's ruthless, power-hungry King John. Then Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales, secures an uneasy truce with England by marrying the English king's beloved, illegitimate daughter, Joanna. Reluctant to wed her father's bitter enemy, Joanna slowly grows to love her charismatic and courageous husband who dreams of uniting Wales. But as John's attentions turn again and again to subduing Wales--and Llewelyn--Joanna must decide to which of these powerful men she owes her loyalty and love.

Mary Pershall

DAWN OF THE WHITE ROSE 5/1985. ISBN: 0425079619.  

Amanda Quick

DESIRE 1/1994.  ISBN: 0553561537. Upon her father's death, beautiful, headstrong Lady Clare knew that she must wed, for the protection of the Isle of Desire now fell to her. Yet when her guardian's choice of prospective husband rode through her castle gates, she felt utterly betrayed. All sinewy muscle and savage steel, Sir Garreth of Wyckmere was not the poet she'd requested but a fearsome knight whose only interest was in war. Legions of robbers had fallen beneath the Hellhound of Wyckmere's sword, and now this bold warrior was certain that he could tame one willful wife. Yet even Garreth could not deter Lady Clare from trying to mold him into her ideal... until their clash of wills ignited a passion that set them both aflame... and a treacherous plot put their love and their lives in deadly peril. 

Maura Seger

REBELLIOUS LOVE 4/1983.  ASIN: 0671643673.  

Bertrice Small

A MOMENT IN TIME 9/1991.  ISBN: 0345390792. Young Wynne of Gwernach believes love is an illusion. She devotes herself to managing the great family estate in Wales, vowing to protect it and her younger brother until he comes of age to inherit. Then Madoc of Powys enters her life, and all her beliefs are turned upside down. For Wynne and Madoc have been lovers in another time, another place. And an unfinished destiny lies between them

Elizabeth Stuart

BRIDE OF THE LION 8/1995.  ISBN: 0312956029.  In the age of chivalry tainted by bloodshed and betrayal, two unlikely lovers are swept up by a passion strong as steel, sensual as velvet, and eternal as the stars.  Jocelyn Montagne -- reckless, exotic daughter of a Celtic noblewoman and a Norman knight, left to guard her father's fortress, she fought brutish takeovers with a dagger.  But nothing could defend her from the brooding magnificence of the invader who quickened her wild Welsh blood and stole her tender soul.  Robert De Langley -- full of arrogance and outlaw vigor, the fabled Lion of Normandy would hold his enemy's daughter hostage for his plundered lands -- until he decreed that he must keep them both.  Tossed between vengeance and lingering desire, war made them enemies, and passion possessed them.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

DEVIL IN A KILT 8/2001 ISBN: 0446610259 ISBN: 0446610259. Linnet MacDonnell was the youngest of seven sisters, and not the family beauty. With her flame-bright red hair, sharp tongue, and strange gift of second sight, no man wanted her. But the devil would take her. Bartered as a bride to her father's long-sworn enemy, the nobly born Highlander, Duncan MacKenzie of Kintail, she had no choice but to enter a marriage with a man rumored to have murdered his first wife and said to possess neither heart nor soul. Forbidding and proud, Duncan MacKenzie wanted only one thing from his new bride -- to use her special gift to determine if young Robbie was truly his son. He never expected the MacDonnell lass to stubbornly follow her heart, chase away the darkness in his castle with light and laughter, and ignite a raging fire in his blood. How dare she defy him, and tempt a devil like him to feel what he feared most of all --- love!

Penelope Williamson

KEEPER OF THE DREAM 5/1992. ISBN: 0440211077. Blessed with the Welsh gift of "sight," Lady Arianna saw the vision in a golden bowl: A knight with eyes gray as the English sea that had captured her, his sword about to pierce her heart. And she trembled, not with fear, but with a desire that engulfed her very soul. On the treacherous border of Wales, Raine, the Black Dragon, rode his charger toward Castle Rhuddlan and the lady within. Illegitimate son of a Norman nobleman, his past was scarred by denial and mistrust, and now his future lay in the conquest of a fiefdom...and a woman's love. As the battle trumpet sounded, Arianna, her Celtic pride unyielding, saw her dream take flesh: Raine, the enemy who inflamed her blood with desire; Raine, the lover she must gentle and tame, and then, as ancient hatreds threatened their lives, either cherish...or betray.

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

THE WOLF AND THE DOVE 3/1974. ISBN: 0380007789. Like a swift and bitter wind, Wulfgar, "the Iron Wolf of Normandy," sweeps down from the North at the head of an invincible army to claim the land and people of Darkenwald in the name of William, the Conqueror King. But proud and beautiful Aislinn will never grovel before the fearsome invader. A princess of Saxon blood, Aislinn burns with hatred for the mighty Norman knight who has destroyed her home. And she plots her revenge - even as she submits to her enemy's passionate will. But Aislinn is unprepared for the fire her daring foe awakens within her. And, ultimately, it is the powerful Wolf himself who is vanquished - undone by a heart that aches for his courageous and sensuous captive. For now, only love can set them both free - a tender devotion forged in eh flames of war and hatred that threatens their separate loyalties...and their lives.

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