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Anne Merton Abbey


Margaret Abbey

AMBER PROMISE 2/1979 ISBN: 034525421X Two noblemen fought for Lady Alys—one storming her castle and the other laying siege to her heart.

THE SON OF YORK 11/95. ISBN: 0745125670 Charles Beaumont returns to England on a top-secret mission after an absence of ten years, only to find himself protecting Margaret Woollatt, a serving wench whose chastity was threatened by her step-father.

THE WARWICK HEIRESS 4/95. ISBN: 0745129056 Told through the eyes of Piers Langham, a knight in Richard's household and a trusted companion during the bitter contests between York and Lancaster, this is the story of Anne, daughter of the Duke of Warwick, the Kingmaker, and her love for Richard of Gloucester, the ambitious younger son of the King.

Shana Abé

THE PROMISE OF RAIN 12/1998. ISBN:0553577883. They call him the Hound of Hell....Lord Roland Strathmore has been ordered by the king to find and capture Lady Kyla Warwick, a noblewoman running from rumors of scandal and murder. One of England's fiercest warriors, Strathmore is torn between his loyalty to the king and his pledge to the elusive woman he has never met. For Strathmore was once betrothed to the fiery Lady Kyla--until her family's fall from grace halted plans for their union. When Kyla is seized by Strathmore, she vows to seek vengeance against the man she considers a traitor. But she's surprised when her hatred for her newfound enemy is matched by a powerful attraction--a temptation at odds with her desire to reclaim her freedom. Fueled by his own unspoken passion, Strathmore is willing to risk everything to help his beautiful captive discover the truth about her shocking past--even if only the most desperate act will save her from further ruin...or perhaps even death.

A ROSE IN WINTER 2/1998. ISBN: 0553577875 At sixteen, Lady Solange had pledged her love to Damon Wolf, had dreamed they would be together forever. But when her ruthless father threatened Damon's life unless she agreed to marry another, Solange did the only thing she could: she scorned her true love and sent him away. . . never imagining the fate that awaited her, never knowing that one day her destiny would be entwined with Damon's once more. For nine long years, Solange has lived a nightmare, wed to a wealthy lord whose handsome face hides a soul of darkest evil. Yet now, just as she is poised to finally make good her escape, Damon suddenly appears at the castle gate. Gone is the gentle hero of her childhood, replaced by a fiercely attractive, thunderously angry knight, who makes it clear he has never forgiven her betrayal. Convincing Damon to escort her to safety will take all Solange's ingenuity--but the real challenge lies in breaching the walls that Damon has built between them, to win back his trust. . . and his hardened heart.

THE SECRET SWAN 4/2001.ISBN: 0553582003 At fifteen Lady Amiranth St. Clare became the bride of Tristan Geraint. She thought all of her dreams had come true--until she learned on her wedding day that Tristan had married her only for her bloodline. A week later Tristan deserted her for the glories of battle. Heartbroken, Amiranth felt she'd been abandoned, not knowing that Tristan had become a prisoner of war--nor that he would one day return to the life he didn't know he wanted until it was taken away. Eight long years pass before Tristan finally comes home. A beautiful woman greets him in the garden, claiming to be Amiranth's cousin. Yet somehow she seems hauntingly familiar, with an ethereal radiance that stirs him deep within his heart. Is she really his wife, grown into a lady of breathtaking beauty--or another woman who has awakened within him a passion he has never known? To discover the truth, Tristanmust reveal the secrets of what happened those years he was away--and find the love that was closer than he ever imagined....

THE TRUELOVE BRIDE 7/1999. ISBN:055358054X. Avalon d'Farouche doesn't believe in magic--not her own mysterious abilities, and certainly not the hocus-pocus legend of which her harsh guardian Hanoch thinks she is a part. For years he claimed she is the "truelove bride" who will marry his son and set his clan free from the curse that has tormented it for a century. Yet Avalon is determined to live her own life--until Hanoch dies and his son returns from the Crusades to claim Avalon's heart.

Linda Acaster

HOSTAGE OF THE HEART(#5) 10/1986 ISBN: 0708936059

Victoria Alexander

BELIEVE 7/1998 ISBN: 0505522675. She didn't believe in white knights, myths or magic until a wizard's wrath landed her in a place that never existed ... with a man who couldn't be real.

Lisette Allen

ELENA'S CONQUEST 3/1995 ISBN: 0352329505 (Black Lace) When Norman soldiers besiege a convent on a summer's day in 1070, a young Saxon girl, Elena, is taken captive. She is chosen by the dark and masterful Lord Aimery le Sabrenn to satisfy his savage desires. Captivated by his powerful masculinity, Elena is then horrified to discover she is not the only woman in his castle. Travel back in time and witness sexual jealousy in the time of William the Conqueror.

ELENA'S DESTINY 12/1997. ISBN:0352332182 (Black Lace) The year is 1073.The gentle convent-bred Elena, awakened to the joys of forbidden passion by the masterful knight Aimery le Sabrenn, has been forcibly separated from her lover by war. She is haunted by the memory of him. Then fate brings her to William the Conqueror's dark stronghold of Rouen, and a reunion with Aimery..

Alex Andrews


LADY OF THE MOON 4/1983 ISBN:0263742423

Evelyn Anthony

ANNE BOLEYN 1957 ISBN: 9997406079 It began in a rose garden at Hever Castle on a lovely day in 1526, the story of this love between a king and his subject which was to change the course of history; and it ended in blood and tragedy. Henry VIII, with his handsome looks and dominating personality, found a fit match in the beautiful Anne Boleyn, whose courage, pride, and indomitable ambition won her a crown and cost her her life.

Shari Anton

AT HER SERVICE 1/2005 ISBN: 0446614653 A widow who’s survived an abusive marriage and the untimely death of two of her three children, Lady Joanna is determined to keep her one remaining daughter safe. But outlaws have been terrorizing her village, and when her beloved daughter is hurt, Lady Joanna is forced to hire a legendary mercenary to stop them. Logan Grimm never intended to take this job until the villagers denounced him as a hired gun with no place in a law-abiding community. Now he’s determined to stop these ruffians and be on his way. But the more time he spends with Lady Joanna and her daughter, the more his wanderlust disappears and the more his harsh vision of the world fades away. Maybe love is possible after all....RR@H's Novel Thoughts

BY KING'S DECREE(#401) 2/1998 ISBN: 0373290012 The King Had Granted Them A Year Of Love... Gerard of Wilmont wanted nothing more than to make Ardith of Lenvil his cherished bride. But what if he and his Saxon flame were not blessed with the heir that would ensure their union would last forever? Torn Between Joy And Despair... The Lady Ardith pondered the royal decree that betrothed her to Gerard, Baron of Wilmont, the lord of her heart, she knew that cruel fate had made her fit to be no man's wife...!

BY QUEEN'S GRACE(#493) 1/2000 ISBN: 0373290934 Her royal blood was a curse...Kidnapped by rebel forces in a mad plan to make her queen, Lady Judith Canmore could not wholly mourn her plight. For it reunited her with the Saxon knight of whom she'd dreamed as a young girl, the handsome Corwin of Lenvil. But would he be the answer to her womanly prayers? Corwin knew the Lady Judith was a prize of power in the eyes of many a Norman lord. though when he looked upon the lovely princess he vowed to protect, he saw nothing but he woman he had grown to love... and was almost certainly fated to lose!

CHRISTMAS AT WAYFARER INN short story in TIS THE SEASON 2001 ISBN:0373291833

THE CONQUEROR (Knights of the Black Rose) 4/2000. ISBN: 0373291078 The promise of land and marriage to the beautiful Lady Claire his liege lords' youngest daughter, had been reason enough to send Bernard Fitzgibbons to fight in the Crusades for four long years. Years that turned the callow youth into a man in full -- a warrior who lived for the day he'd claim his rewards and settle down to a wife and family. But the triumph of his return to England had turned to ashes, for not only did Lord Setton deny him his land, he had betrothed his Claire to another. Now Bernard had one more enemy to conquer, for deep in his heart, he knew he could never let her go...

THE IDEAL HUSBAND 10/2003 ISBN: 0505525801 The marriage is make-believe, but the passion is all too real... 'Tis the stuff legends are made of: a heroic husband risks his life to save his beloved from a shipwreck. Yet the gravely injured man Leah of Pecham tenderly cradles is not her husband but a gallant stranger who came to her rescue without a moment's hesitation. Certain that Geoffrey Hamelin cannot survive, yet unwilling to abandon him, Leah makes a decision: She takes him home to Pecham. There she will make everyone believe that he is her lawful wedded husband. There her dishonor abroad will be a thing of the past, and her father's fearsome wrath averted. And there Leah will discover just how exquisitely dangerous a lie can be--for Geoffrey grows stronger, more virile, and more seductive with each passing day...RR@H's Novel Thoughts

KNAVE OF HEARTS(#547) 2/2001 ISBN: 0373291477 'Twas time to take a wife - whether he wanted to or not! Stephen of Wilmont little desired a life bound to castle keep and crops, but, knowing his duty, marry he would. Yet when Fate reunited him with the proud and peerless Marian de Lacy, his first and fiercest love, he suspected his wandering days just might be over...! Her daughters were her joy, their heritage her secret. But, Marian de Lacy realized, honor demanded the truth be told, for Stephen, knight errant of Wilmont and mirror of her soul, had returned to reignite their passion's flame...!

LORD OF THE MANOR(#434) 10/1998. ISBN: 0373290349 His enemy's wife... No matter that the Lady Lucinda had borne a son to the man who had almost killed him, Richard of Wilmont wanted her anyway. For the fair widow brought to him a sense of belonging...and a love so powerful it would erase the past. What could she ever be to him? Lucinda wondered. Surely a knight as chivalrous as Richard of Wilmont had worthier women than she to claim his attention. She was an outcast, and unfit as wife for any man...!

MIDNIGHT MAGIC 12/2005 ISBN: 0446614661 From the moment the warrior arrives to claim her and her land, Gwendolyn de Leon's reaction is swift and fierce. She refuses to yield, not to the knight who slew her brother in battle. But Alberic of Chester is a powerfully sensual man, intent on taking what is now rightfully his by king's decree. Gwendolyn has one hope for deliverance: invoking a powerful spell with an ancient ring. Yet the seal of the dragon is now on Alberic's finger. To wrest it away and avenge her family's honor, she must seduce him. But will her own heart surrender first? RR@H's Novel Thoughts

ONCE A BRIDE 4/2004 ISBN: 0446612278 My Enemy, My Love To Eloise Hamelin of Lelleford, 'tis the stuff of nightmares: Her betrothed dies on the church steps. Her beloved father disappears after being charged with treason. And the king places her home in the hands of a knight she loathes…and longs for. To Roland St. Marten, 'tis the worst hell to oversee Lelleford. Its mistress, Eloise, treats him not as her new lord but as an unwanted guest. And yet in the heat of their clashes-about her father's whereabouts, about a woman's place-he's drawn to her loyalty and her fire. Any love between them would bring Roland nothing but ruin. For how could he remain true to the king and still taste Eloise's exquisite temptation? RR@H's Novel Thoughts

TWILIGHT MAGIC 12/2006 ISBN: 0446617555 Lady Emma de Leon has just seen the man she knows will-nay, must-become her lover. Ambivalent as she is about her psychic gifts, she has been unable to forget the man who once came to her in a vision, touching her body with his strong hands and piercing her with desire. Now here he is, in the flesh-and Emma can't resist risking all for this dark-eyed stranger who's accused of murder. A mercenary by trade, Darian of Bruges finds himself in the center of a royal plot-and forced to marry Emma by the king's decree. Wed only to his freedom, the last thing he wants is a wife. But to confront his past and inherit his future, he must do what he finds hardest of all: surrender to a woman… Twilight Magic. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Catherine Archer

AUTUMN'S BRIDE 9/2001 ISBN: 0373291825 Annaliese was but a simple maiden. Yet her innocent curiosity about his warrior's body had aroused in Kendran Ainsworth an unfamiliar desire to protect and cherish. Though with her just suspicions of anyone noble, Annaliese would never accept him if she knew his true identity. So how then would he, the son of a highborn family, ever convince her of the truth of his love? Annaliese's aid and succor to a stranger left for dead had been no more than a charitable gesture. Yet that simple act of mercy would forever link her fate — and her heart — to Kendran Ainsworth, and doom her to love a man who, by right of birth, was not to be trusted!

THE BRIDE OF SPRING 5/2000 ISBN: 0373291140 Lady Raine had need of a husband but not just any man would do. She required a man of honour to protect her young brother's inheritance. From the moment she laid eyes upon benedict Ainsworth at court, she knew her search was over. But her scheming had just begun. Entranced by Raine's breathtaking beauty, Benedict, Baron of Brackenmoore, would have moved heaven and earth for the intriguing lady. Though when she tricked him into a marriage of convenience, he was determined to make her his wife in more than name only...

DRAGON'S DAUGHTER(#641) 1/2003 ISBN: 0373292414 Nobles were not to be trusted... Rowena had learned this in childhood when her knightly father and abandoned her. And now Sir Christian Greathan, afire with vows of vengeance, insisted she was heir to a powerful legacy. But she wanted nothing of titles and lands. What her heart desired - yet was forever denied - was Christian! Christian Greathan was determined to restore the daughter of The Dragon to her rightful position. Why else had he risked all to bring Rowena out of the wilds of Scotland? It couldn't be love - for the headstrong beauty was suspicious of all things noble - especially him!

DRAGON'S DOWER(#593) 1/2002 ISBN: 0373291930 Simon Warleigh and his brothers-in-arms had sworn to avenge the murder of their beloved foster father, the Dragon. But upon Simon's return from the Holy Land, the brave knight was falsely accused of treason and stripped of his lands. His only chance to recover his beloved Avington was to marry the daughter of the very man he had vowed to bring to justice! Simon was quickly wed to the beautiful Lady Isabelle, with her mesmerizing violet eyes and a demeanor as cold as the chapel statues. Yet there were glimpses of the fire burning beneath Isabelle's cool exterior. And soon thoughts of revenge turned to thoughts of love as Simon yearned to melt the ice maiden into a woman of flesh and blood.

DRAGON'S KNIGHT(#606) 4/2002 ISBN: 0373292066 Valorous, respected knight though he was, Jarrod Maxwell had always known the land of the heart was closed to him. Why then had capricious Destiny led him to aid Lady Aislynn Greatham...and made his soul yearn for impossible passion -- and a forever love? Should she, Aislynn Greatham pondered, risk all she held dear --even betrothal to a childhood friend --to go on a journey with an enigmatic knight to find her missing brother? Convention muttered, "Nay!" But when she looked upon Sir Jarrod in all his warrior glory, her heart could not deny that she would follow this man --wherever he led!

FIRE SONG(#426) 1998 ISBN: 0373290268 The wrong bride... To the dashing Roland St. Sebastian, a king-decreed marriage to the biddable daughter of his enemy was bad enough...but when the blushing bride turned out to be her spitfire sister, Meredyth, Roland's wrath was boundless. And though the redheaded vixen's kisses drove him nearly mad with yearning, he wondered if he would ever learn to trust her - or if he was destined to live a life of loneliness with the woman he loved.

ROSE AMONG THORNS 8/1992 ISBN: 0373287364 Rose of Carlisle had forsaken her Saxon pride to protect her people from the Normans' wrath. Even when the crude leader of the conquering knights declared he would take her to wife, Rose had held her tongue and accepted her fate. The she met the smoldering gaze of Gaston de Thorne, and she knew for the first time what conquest truly meant. Sir Gaston's honour was sorely tested from the moment he laid eyes on the Lady Rose. She belonged to his brother by royal decree. But when Gaston awakened her tender passion, he vowed to make her his alone.

SUMMER'S BRIDE(#544) 1/2001. ISBN: 0373291442 A Tempest Raged Inside Her. Genevieve of Harwick had lived with her storm-tossed emotions ever since Marcel Ainsworth left to sail the seas, believing she'd wanted him for his name alone. But now that Marcel had finally returned, she swore to use all her womanly powers to keep him by her side. After two lonely years at sea, Marcel still hungered for a woman he could never have. The third son of the powerful Ainsworths would not suit Lady Genevieve, or so he thought. But when she became a stowaway on his ship, Marcel's determination crumbled. Amidst the crashing waves, would Marcel give in to the love they shared, and the passion that led them both?

VELVET BOND(#282) 8/1995 ISBN: 0373288824 Lord Raynor was no match for the lovely woman he'd been forced to take to wife. Though Lady Elizabeth Clayburn was no stranger to the flattery of men, the enigmatic Baron of Warwicke wielded a power over her more potent than anything she had ever felt, and she'd tumbled quickly into a marriage bed, unwarmed by trust or love. The grim defenses around Lord Raynor Warwicke's heart had been erected long ago. But now his defiant wife had dared to breach his stronghold, challenging him to lay aside the armor of his suspicions, and surrender to the greater strength of love.

VELVET TOUCH 6/1996 ISBN:0373289227 Indeed, Sir Stephen Clayburn knew all too well her destiny lay in the marriage bed of an enemy. And as the king's messenger, he would be forced to deliver the woman he loved into the arms of another. The king had commanded that she wed, and Fellis had no choice but to agree. Yet how could she tell Sir Stephen, the king's own knight, that she would rather obey the dictates of her own heart and love only him forever?

WINTER'S BRIDE(#477) 9/1999 ISBN: 0373290772 Tristan of Brackenmore was desperate... If a bouquet of forget-me-knots could but make the Lady Lily Gray remember what they'd once shared, Tristan would have gathered the flowers from beneath the winter snows. But his one true love had no memory of their time together, nor the babe she'd borne. Though Lily's past seemed locked behind an unbreachable door, Lord Tristan claimed to hold the key. And though she could not remember him, something drew her to him with a strength she could not deny. Yet could she trust him enough to help her face whatever terrors had stolen her memories?

Catherine Archibald

HAWK'S LADY 10/1997. ISBN: 0843943122 Haughty young lady Kayln D'Arcy only wanted what was best for her little sister, Celia, when she traveled to the imposing fortress of Hawkhurst. For the brother of Hawkhurst's dark lord had wooed Celia, and Kayln was determined to make him do the honorable thing. She hadn't counted, though, on meeting Lord Hawkhurst himself. Tall, arrogant and imperious, Hawk had the burning eyes of a bird of prey and a gentle touch that would make Kayln nearly forget why she was there - or at least understand her sister's passion. As for Hawk, never before had he encountered a woman like the proud, fiery Kayln - spirited enough to defy him, headstrong enough to infuriate him, yet beautiful enough to capture his untamed heart. But could Hawk catch his prey? Could he make her...Hawk's Lady?

Roxi Ashe

SPELL WEAVER 12/1999 ISBN: 0843946490 Lady Taras sought to create a philter of love but instead her subject became a frog. Then, summoned by her king to help defeat a Viking horde, Taras was told that only her potion could make things right. A Viking warrior was wreaking havoc on English troops, and legend claimed the man could not be killed. England had one chance: Turn the warlord into a toad..a frog prince? The handsome raider was anything but. But if Taras thought Cynewulf wreaked havoc on English men, it was nothing compared to what the sight of his well-muscled form did to her...The forceful Dane conquered land as if he'd been born to the task and he won her heart with equal ease...How could she subdue this giant when her potion was a sham? She'd have to rely on a separate sorcery that she'd brewed - and the only magic she knew was woven by love....


A MOTHER'S HEART 5/1998 ISBN: 0821758969 Anthology featuring "Cassandra's Quest" by Veronica Ashley, "The Best-Laid Plans" by Elizabeth Graham, and "His Mother's Gauntlet" by Martha Hix.

Veronica Ashley

CASSANDRA'S QUEST short story in A MOTHER'S HEART 5/1998 ISBN: 0821758969

PAGAN DESIRES 10/1997 ISBN: 0821757644 The daughter of a famous seer and a Byzantine military commander, Phaedra possesses the gift of prophecy. Brannoc is a Norman warrior who is bodyguard to the barbarian chief responsible for the murder of Phaedra's father. Phaedra has vowed to avenge her father, yet no force on earth can stop her from loving Brannoc--a man she must gentle and tame, and then, either cherish or betray.

Anne Avery

THE BARTERED BRIDE 4/1999 ISBN: 0553579339 Lady Alyce Fitzmartin is forced to marry the arrogant Robert Wardell, the answer to her father's debts, and a man Alyce is certain she will never love. Yet an even more grave situation lies in wait. For Robert may not survive the impending overthrow of the King, unless he uses his new wife as a pawn. But one glance into each other's eyes sparks an unexpected yearning. And while England burns with the fire of revolt, Robert and Alyce discover a passion for which both must gamble their lives.

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